Destiny PvP players can now rejoice. The long and hotly rumored return of Trials of Osiris is no longer a rumor as not only has Bungie comfirmed this but in fact put out an entire video speaking to the return of the Trials and what to expect.

Dedicated players of Destiny 2 could already sense what Bungie was doing by not only bringing back Osiris but allowing for the return of the legendary guardian Titan Saint-14. The writing was on the wall, not to mention that it was probably one of the biggest requests by the Destiny 2 community for the longest time. Bungie could no longer ignore it especially considering that D2 definitely needed a shot in the arm as the game was falling into a lull with average content updates and not really much to do after completing the Saint-14 quest.

Bringing back Trials is a great thing for not just PvP players but for the community. The more to do in the game the merrier and it’ll be baked right into season 10: Season of the Worthy as a weekend event. Best thing about trials? They brought back some of the really cool PvP maps from Destiny one such as Anomaly, Exodus Blue and Cauldron. Hopefully Bungie is able to make the sandbox matchmaking more suitable to players who are more casual as opposed to having it solely focused on those players who are “PvP pros”. This way you’ll have more of the community engaged in an event that most would like to participate in. I can uniquely remember wanting to play the Trials but ended up being so turned off because it was so geared towards prolific PvP players and I ended up missing out on some nice loot just for that reason alone. That would suck if it’s the same way this time around but we can all be hopeful. The new season of Destiny 2 begins on March 10th with the first play of Trials of Osiris happening on Friday the 13th

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