Let the console wars begin once again. Microsoft decided to set it off early with their new trailer showing off their newest console which they deemed the “Most Powerful” the Xbox Series X.

While the name leaves much to be desired what Microsoft is bringing to the table with this new Xbox is incredible. This new machine if you judge it just by the spec sheet is a monster of a console packing a ton of power in it’s odd shaped upright cube form factor. The Xbox Series X looks very much like a PC without actually being one.

Microsoft is claiming that the Xbox Series X will offer 4k/60 and 120 fps performance all based on AMD’s Zen 2 and RDNA architecture. Games will be stored on NVMe solid-state SSD’s and the GPU will have GDDR6 memory. How much on the storage and memory is for now unknown but as we get more details we will update you.


The Xbox series X is impressive but so was the Xbox One X. Microsoft will always bring the great hardware and sleek design but will Microsoft and Xbox bring the games? They showed off Hellblade 2 which of course looked incredible but that’s just one game. Xbox in my opinion lags behind Sony and the PS because they aren’t putting out the exclusive games and it shows in the console sales numbers and the numbers of players in their respective online communities. Games matter. Teraflops, 4k and all that other stuff is great but it won’t mean a thing if the Xbox Series X doesn’t have the games, especially if the price point at time of release is similar in cost to a “budget” gaming PC. Despite my opinion, it’s a good time to be a console gamer. Microsoft upping the ante on hardware and user experience tells Sony directly that they can’t play around and cut corners with the PS5. We shall see. Check out the trailer above and sound off in the comments if you’re excited about the Xbox Series X.

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