Car mounts for smartphones are a necessity especially now that many states make it illegal to use or even have your smartphone in your hand while driving. While some of us can go without looking at our phones until we get to where we’re going, most of us can’t, whether it be for turn by turn navigation or just being able to see our notifications, especially if they’re important. That’s why having a good car mount is necessary and even better if that car mount can charge your phone at the same time. Take for instance the latest from Moshi, the SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount with Wireless Charging. You will need the matching SnapTo case for this to work but it’s well worth it for both the functionality and looks.

The Moshi SnapTo system begins with the case and in this instance, only iPhone 7 and up need apply. Sadly Android devices are not supported at this time.

There are two main parts to the Moshi SnapTo system. First is the SnapTo case which in this instance, was for an iPhone 8 Plus called the iGlaze Slim Hardshell Case. The one sent was in the color of Armour Black and it has a brushed metal look to the back of the case and a very attractive rose gold metal-like frame. The case features military grade drop protection and does a very good job of protecting the body. How the SnapTo system works is that inside the case, there are these two plastic tabs that you pull out and then replace with two new metal tabs. I’ll tell you why in a bit.

The next part of the SnapTo system is the Moshi SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount and Wireless Charger. This mount allows you both attach it to your vehicles AC vents or on the dash with the special dashboard mount. Either works fine but I prefer the vent mount. This also comes with the two metal tabs I mentioned when I was talking about the case and you’ll need to put these into the case. That’s because it’s the metal tabs that make the iGlaze case magnetically cling to the SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount.  Moshi makes it so that the case sticks to the mount at just the right spot so that the wireless charging contacts line up perfectly allowing your iPhone to wirelessly charge. This is a fast-charging system (up to 10 W) that is Qi-certified.

Everything is easy to install and you should literally be setup in minutes. You’ll need to plug the car mount to a power outlet. With your case installed on your iPhone, you just place it up against the car mount and it’ll magnetically stick and begin charging wirelessly. It’s that simple. It all works rather well and I appreciate the fact that it does fast-charge.

The Moshi SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount and Wireless Charger along with the Moshi iGlaze iPhone case make for a wonderful combination. It helps that the iGlaze case looks really good. If you don’t like it, there are actually two other cases from Moshi that work as well. With that said, if you own a recent model iPhone and you’re looking for a good case and car mount combo, you can’t go wrong with Moshi.

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