When the Final Fantasy VII remake was announced and shown off at the Playstation Experience at E3 in 2015 it caused a stir in the gaming world. Of all the remakes that could be expected and done over THIS was the game that everyone wanted to see re-done in the current gen. All we as gamers had gotten prior to the official remake announcement was HD “remasters” and modded versions of the game that albeit fun to re-play were nothing like what we’re hoping for with Final Fantasy VII especially with the power of consoles and gaming PC’s today.

It’s been 4 years since that reveal and Square Enix has been rather tight lipped about the game as a whole, so much so, the idea of the game coming out at all kind of faded away. Well, here we go again. Square Enix released a teaser trailer showing off some rendered cutscenes with Barrett, Cloud and Aerith (R.I.P) and what appears to be actual gameplay of the new Final Fantasy VII remake. It’s a great video to watch but don’t get too excited. It’s just development footage and anything can change. There’s still no official release date, not even a tentative one. We could be waiting another two years for this game and the way it’s looking, it may forego the PS4 and be exclusive to the PS5 at launch. Who knows? It’s still good to see this game and gameplay, this is coming from a person who played the original on 3 discs in 1997. Hopefully this will get some of the younger generation to appreciate this game and why it’s so highly regarded as one of the greatest RPG’s and game ever made.

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