Top 5 Casino Games Based on Movies and TV Shows

Creators of casino games love to brand their wares with anything related to pop culture. It gives them a thematic platform to build on without having to create a new concept from scratch. Moreover, it acts as an identifier, allowing their product, i.e. the casino game to be recognizable to new audiences.

As with everything created in pop culture, be it movies, games or music, some creations are better than others. However, with casino games, as you will see below, something critically-acclaimed from pop culture doesn’t necessarily make a good casino game and vice versa. Here are five of the best casino games based on movies and television:

American Dad

Developers Playtech really went for it when they created the American Dad slot. Most branded slots take elements (images, video clips) of the source material, but this game seems to have been in made in collaboration with Seth MacFarlane’s team. The American Dad characters each have their own special bonus games, which feature fresh animations and clips from the show. The material is just as risqué too. However, the ‘fun’ element to the game belies the fact that there are huge payouts on offer. Top class.


Let’s face it: Baywatch isn’t exactly a critically acclaimed masterpiece. Not even The Rock could resurrect the franchise. The slot, however, proves something widely panned in pop culture can be turned into one of the best slots around. It’s stuffed full of interesting ways to win, including a big progressive jackpot trail. It’s based on the TV show, so plenty of Pamela Anderson and co appear on the screen. Alas, the Hoff isn’t featured. You can enjoy playing Baywatch slots here at, where you’ll find a bonus to get started.

Batman and the Joker Jewels

Another from the bowels of television history, this game is based on the classic Batman show, with Adam West as the caped crusader and Cesar Romero as the joker. The game is completely faithful to the series in terms of style – plenty of Zapp and Kapow – and animations, featuring real clips from the series. It’s part of a series of games featuring DC Comics superheroes, all of which are interconnected with a four-tier progressive jackpot game. In short, a single spin on Batman and the Joker Jewels could be worth millions. 

Top Gun

Top Gun is set for a sequel in the next year or two, something that most movie fans will be a little sceptical about. However, you can still go back and watch the original, or check out the Top Gun slot, which really is one of the best around. It really does tip its hat to the movie, with Berlin’s Take My Breath Away belting out as the musical score. Each spin offers 243 separate ways to win, and the special feature – Danger Zone Free Games – is top drawer. Tom Cruise doesn’t make it into the game – obviously an issue with image rights – but the rest of the cast do. 

The Matrix A visually stunning slot game, the Matrix is another example of the fruitful tie up between Playtech and Warner Brothers. The game’s highlight is undoubtedly the choice of Free Games Features, allowing you to choose between potentially unlimited free spins and a super-charged feature with Agent Smith. There is also a Deja-Vu Feature, where Trinity shuffles the reels around with extra wild symbols for potentially big wins. An all round winner of a slot game.

[Written by Alexis Whelan]