Eagle Eyes Glasses Kit

When Eagle Eyes reached out to us and asked us to take a look at their gaming glasses, I was all in. I have looked at their products for some time now and my Aunt wanted a pair of their shades to help her when she uses her computer and phone. When I ordered her a pair a few years ago, she always raved about how good they worked and helped her. When I told her that they asked us to write a review, she wanted to make sure I mentioned how happy she was with the product. I have to say the gaming glasses are not the greatest thing to look at, but the purpose they serve is on point. I used them when gaming and when working on my computer. Which honestly, I spend more time doing that then I do gaming. I am in IT, so I spend roughly sixteen hours or more in front of a screen. Having glasses to assist with eye irritation is extremely helpful.

Eagle Eyes Kit

What made this article difficult to do was having to compare them to a similar product that I tested a few months ago. I used those products in a similar way and enjoyed the experience, but I don’t want to focus on the differences between the two. I want to focus more on how much Eagle Eyes product helped with what I was using them for. Comparing products can be tricky especially when they are designed to help the person using them.

I still had the same issue that I had with the previous product, I wear glasses. The only way to test these glasses would be to wear both pair of glasses. Which at work would be odd as people would look at say, “are you wearing two glasses?” I would say yes and their response would be “why?” Leaving me to explain why I have two pairs of glasses on looking like a mad man. I put that aside and gladly explained every time someone asked. Which in turn would intrigue them into finding out about the product.

What They are Designed to Do

Eagle Eyes Glasses Kit

Eagle Eyes advertises that their computer line of glasses help in decreasing eye strain from blue light rays being emitted from digital devices. This is why their line of glasses for digital eye strain are called Digitech. They even give you a graph that breaks down the commonly reported symptoms of eye strain. The graph makes sense as it helps people understand the reason they need their glasses.

Eagle Eyes indicates that their glasses are made from technology used by NASA and is Certified Space Technology. That technology used by NASA is called TriLenium Lenses which turns out NASA uses to protect astronaut’s eyes as they travel into space. Eagle Eyes also goes out to indicate that TriLenium lenses have met criteria of the Space Foundation. They don’t go into detail of what those criteria are or the rigorous types of criteria they used. However, according to the site, they do go on about how the technology has been inducted into the Space Foundation Technology Hall of Fame. TriLenium lenses come in three different versions, TriLenium, TriLenium 7 or TriLenium 10, which the site has a graph to show the differences between those lenses.

All of this sounds really cool, but can the technology stand up to my crazy screen time. I put the glasses through my own rigorous criteria, may not be as rigorous as space travel I am not an astronaut after all.


The Eagle Eye Filton computer glasses are odd looking, I was a little confused when I first took them out the box. I wondered why does it have lenses at the side and why are so big and bulky looking. They are not the best-looking version of Eagles Eyes line of glasses at all.

When I first saw them and put them on I felt like I was back in shop class and my teacher is talking about the importance of safety. They felt like I was wearing safety glasses, not a computer or gaming glasses. I mean granted what is more important is what the glasses are designed to do and not how they look. I would have still rather something that does not make me look like I am about to create furniture or use heavy machinery.

They have so many better-looking versions they could have sent for us to review. I took a look through the website to see how their other computer glasses look and I was surprised. Some of the other glasses are so much nicer than the ones sent to me. I can see myself picking up one of the nicer versions, but I cannot see myself purchasing the Filton version. Just not a stylish type of glasses I could see myself walking around town with. Not to mention walking around with two pairs of glasses on my face.


Me Wearing them Bad boys

My streaming schedule has changed some since I have more items to write about and need to spend quality time with my family. However, my gaming time has not changed as much. Whenever I am alone in the house, I try to get some gaming in.

Take for example the past few weeks. Prom was approaching and my wife and daughters would be gone for several hours shopping for dresses and other needed items. This left my son and I home alone to do whatever we wanted. He would go grab his system and I would grab mine. I tried to get him to use one of the other glasses Eagle Eye was so kind to send me, but he didn’t like the way it felt with the gaming headset. I’m like, “the more you use the comfortable you will become with it.” I value his opinion on things like this because he is the type of kid that does research and enjoys knowing certain things. To have him use it and come back and say it was a good experience would have helped my article. Never the less, he didn’t take the bait. I was on my own with this one.

When I game, it’s not for an hour or two; it’s for four to five hours. Those kinds of times spent gaming can take a toll on the eyes and cause those symptoms listed on Eagle Eyes website. At times the fatigue felt like it was enhanced from my normal everyday glasses. My headaches would feel like my brain was about to explode. At times I would need to take a moment to relax and close my eyes. This all decreased after using Eagle Eyes glasses and eventually stopped altogether. I started to use them whenever I gamed. They found a place on my desk next to my headset and other gaming items.


Tools and Cleaning Items

I am in Information Technology so I spend more time in front of a computer screen than away from one. After a long day at work, you would think that I’d take a break from a screen, but that is far from the case.

I was in school for a short time while having these glasses, so I would need to jump right back onto a computer to start my school work. If I had an article to write I would need to start that directly after completing my school work. We are talking countless hours of sitting, staring at a computer screen. At my desk at work I use four screens to efficiently do my job. That only increased my chance of eye irritation and headaches from my eyes being dry and irritated.

It just so happens that in my home office I have a similar setup. When I work from home I need to be just as productive as when I work in my office, so having four screens is extremely beneficial. My eyes at times because irritated faster with so many screens. My eyes would be under so much pressure from the hours I am spending looking at so many screens. I knew this would put the Eagle Eye glasses to the ultimate test, and it did.

The glasses helped lessen my eye strain and prevented me from getting migraines. They did make things look a little darker, but not bad enough that I could not use them while working. I think it was that shade style lens that helps decrease the blue light and protects the eyes.


I strongly believe at times that a screen is attached to my face and I walk around looking at people through the screen. Think about it, sitting at a computer to do your job, browsing social media on your phone, watching tv, and gaming are all done on a screen. Having something to assist your eyes with all that blue light, preventing fatigue and migraines is important.

The Eagle Eyes glasses sent to me are not the nicest thing to look at, but as far as functionality goes, they get the job done. They truly do serve a purpose when using them the way I did. Granted, they are not the nicest looking glasses but if you are looking for something to help protect your eyes, they are a must buy.

You can select the type you want as they do have different frames. They even have ones that you can place over your existing glasses that simply just flip up when you don’t want to use them. The only issue I had with these glasses is the way they look. I was not pleased with that at all. I was pleased with the way they worked and how they helped me during my time of using them.

Would I recommend them to someone that is having an issue with eye irritation, fatigue, or headaches from sitting in front of a screen? I would recommend them getting glasses from Eagle Eyes, but not sure if I would say a specific model as everyone has a different style.

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