Since getting my hands on PowerA’s wired controllers around the Fall they had also released their first sets of Enhanced Wireless Controllers designed to give you a wireless feel like Nintendo’s Pro versions but not costing as much money wise. They came out with a variety of styles for that Switch gamers with amongst those featuring Link, but we didn’t have anything with Princess Zelda… till now.

Soon as you unbox and pull out the controller this visual of Princess Zelda automatically commands your attention. Pulled straight from the artistic sketch styling from “Breath of the Wild”, the controller has a two-tone color with a mostly white body that has accents of tan throughout the butter layout.  Interestingly PowerA added a turquoise metallic D-Pad for some color blocking.

Since this is PowerA’s wireless enhanced controller it does have some additions such as a LED player Indicator on the bottom as well between a LED Player Indicator between the Home & Capture buttons.  So, this is where the PowerA differs as it has AGBs (Advanced Gaming Buttons) on the back. You can program the AGBs for any buttons you want even analog button clicks. This is something the Nintendo Pro controller doesn’t bring to the table. Unfortunately like its wired PowerA sibling it doesn’t support NFC for Amiibos nor have any Rumble capabilities.

Using it the wireless controller to play games such as Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, Fortnite and Street Fighter moves are accurate with the button inputs and didn’t notice any lag. I like the thumb sticks on their wireless controllers as they are smaller and easier to grip. The D-Pad has a bit more push and feels and looks slightly smaller.

PowerA’s Princess Zelda Enhanced Wireless Controller is set to release Late April/Early May with a price tag of $49.99 and will be available at various retailers such as PowerA, GameStop, and Amazon.

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