We are heading into the Spring season and Verizon has a slew of devices and accessories lined up ranging from tablets to cases equipped with PopSockets.

First off Verizon is presenting some discounts to help launch the latest iPads from Apple.

  • Get $250 off a new iPad when you purchase a new iPhone at the same time. Both devices must be purchased on a Verizon device payment plan. 
    • Discount given as monthly bill credits 
  • Get $250 off a new iPad when purchased with a 2-year contract. 
  • Get $150 off a new iPad when purchased on a Verizon device payment plan. 
    • Discount given as monthly bill credits 

Keeping in the theme of Apple is has finally unveiled their 2nd gen AirPods which have a new H1 chipset touting faster connections, better audio and voice enabled Siri. Preorders are available through Verizon for the AirPods or the optional Wireless Charge Case.

Garmin’s vivoactive 3 Music smartwatch is a verizon-exclusive that has tunes in mind letting you download up to 500 songs, connect to bluetooth headphones and is equipped with Garmin Pay for mobile payments. It is also equipped with GPS. A 250MB connected device plan for $5/mth will be available.

  • Get a vivoactive 3 Music for $16.66/month on a Verizon device payment plan ($399.99 retail) or $349.99 with a two year contract.
  • Special Offer: Get  $50 off Garmin vivoactive 3 Music on device payment with the purchase of any smartphone on device payment.

Last but not least is the OtterBox & PopSocket collab that was revealed at CES. It gives you the protection of OtterBox Symmetry cases while providing the ease of use from PopSocket. It will be available for the iPhone 7/8, XS, XS Max, and XR starting at $49.99.

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