In the field of virtual reality, Playstation VR is a really important option and has already been preferred by millions of gamers. Somewhere in between the cheap VR for smartphone devices and the particularly expensive ones on PC, PSVR, a bit like a sign up offer at virgin casino, is undoubtedly a product with the best value for money thanks to a good number of video games available exclusively made by Sony and other software houses.

One of the aspects that until now hasn’t been so convincing about Playstation VR is the significant amount of cables connecting the console and the helmet that players must put on their head. To put it bluntly, perhaps this aspect really represents the weak point of the Sony-made virtual reality.

The good news is that perhaps this problem in the future will be just a distant memory. Although there is no official confirmation from Sony, on the Internet we can read some rumors about a patent on a new model of a fully wireless Playstation VR.  This is certainly an intriguing possibility, which could make the use of this technology even more inviting. Obviously, various aspects of the project should be taken into consideration, the first being certainly the degree of autonomy of a wireless VR helmet. Anyway, while waiting for further news on the subject, this rumor is definitely intriguing.

This is also because there is no shortage of interesting new releases for Playstation VR coming soon. Among the most anticipated games, we surely recommend Star Child, a promising videogame in Metroidvania 2.5D style by the software house Playful that has captured the attention of all owners of the Sony viewer with their demo available on the PS Store.

Then we recommend Blood & Truth, the new shooter made by Sony’s internal team, SCE London Studio, which builds up on the excellent ideas of The London Heist of which Blood & Truth can be considered a sort of spiritual heir. Also worthy of note is Wolfenstein Cyberpilot, spin-off of the famous First Person Shooter by Id Software where the beloved B.J. Blazkowicz will need to hack the diabolical machines of the Nazis and use them to his advantage in combat.

Megalith is definitely another PlayStation VR game to keep an eye on this year. It’s a first-person experience lived from the perspective of powerful titans. Players will have only one goal: to shoot down the other giants through a rich arsenal of weapons, until they acquire the status of gods. The clashes will not be limited to single player sessions, as there will be a PvP mode where you have to work with other players to achieve the common goal.

Finally, Falcon Age is a unique first-person action adventure compatible with virtual reality. As Ara, you’ll need to gain experience in the ancient art of falconry. Familiarizing yourself with the game mechanics developed by the software house Outerloop Games, you will have to face dangerous colonizing robots and explore a foreign land. The game takes place on a planet in serious danger, where resources are progressively depleted and a multitude of machines have invaded the area turning it into an arid desert.

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