For those who love the fastest two-wheeled racing in the world, this piece of news will surely be as enjoyable as receiving a surprise golden nugget bonus code. This is because the Italian software house Milestone and the Spanish company Dorna Sports have officially confirmed the release of MotoGP 19 on June 6 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC (the latter only in digital version on STEAM). The Nintendo Switch version will arrive a few weeks after the others.

With MotoGP19, players will be able to take part in the 2019 season, choosing whether to face immediately the champions of MotoGP as Marquez on Honda or to play the role of a young rider, who starts from the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup making his way up to the coveted queen class.

Milestone’s developers, who have been involved in racing titles for decades, have taken advantage of the numerous feedback from their players, promising the community an even higher level of challenge for those who want to push their limits. What’s more, there will be a fluid multiplayer experience for those who love to play with their friends, and more single player content.

Among the innovations we point out the involvement in the project of Orobix, a company specialized in the engineering of Artificial Intelligence solutions, which has worked for over two years on the development of a completely new and revolutionary system of AI based on neural networks. The promised result is an artificial intelligence able to go incredibly fast on the track and with an extremely realistic behavior.

Thanks to the adoption of dedicated servers, the multiplayer experience will be more fluid with less lag problems. In addition to performance improvements, the multiplayer mode is also enriched with Race Director Mode, to make online challenges even more credible and authoritative.

Then, one of the most loved playing modes by MotoGP fans is back. Thanks to the Historical Challenges mode, you will be able to take on the role of legendary riders and relive the most exciting rivalries that have written the history of MotoGP.

In MotoGP 19 there will also be many new tools to make your pilot unique, choosing from a wide selection of accessories and brands. Thanks to the graphic editors, it will also be possible to create helmets with a unique design, to draw the style of the race number and the lower butt patch.

As in the real MotoGP 2019 championship, this year the new FIM Enel MotoE World Cup makes its debut in the video game, with electric cars ready to compete on some of the most famous circuits of the championship.

After the success of the first two editions, Dorna and Milestone confirm also for this year the MotoGP eSport Championship, in which the best players from all over the world will compete for the title of World Champion in the competitive field. This third edition of the MotoGP eSport Championship includes a renewed formula, even more spectacular and competitive, whose details will be revealed in the weeks before the release of the video game.

Undoubtedly, the conditions for an excellent racing game are all there. In a few weeks, we will find out if MotoGP 19 will really conquer us on the asphalt practice, even though it’s just a virtual one.

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