Spring is in the air, allergies are a lurking, leprechauns are finding spots to hide their pot of gold. PlayStation is shining a bright rainbow heading to the location with this month’s list of games. March brings us only two games. Those games are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Remastered) and The Witness. Yep, last month was the last time PlayStation would provide free games to the PS3 and the PS Vita. These games are now available for download in the PlayStation Store.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare was hands down one of the best releases from the Call of Duty franchise. The single-player campaign had players. The story was truly defined and intrigued players to continue playing. This was proof a decade ago that games can have a tight story and an exciting plot. Which honestly is not complicated to do when you are talking about war. Co-Op set the tone for future multiplayer games. Every Call of Duty game after this was compared to Modern Warfare. It was Modern Warfare that turned me onto the franchise and has helped me remain a fan. Even though some of the other games created after this have not met my expectations. I can honestly say I made the purchase simply to see if they have gone back in that direction.


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The Witness

The Witness

This game looks interesting, especially if you are into puzzles. Walking around trying to solve puzzle after puzzle to achieve an end goal. The puzzles do become more complicated as you solve the previous puzzle. This provides a challenge and helps build confidence intriguing you to play on. From watching some gameplay of The Witness it doesn’t look like much else is going on besides just unlocking things to get out of the first area. Things might get spicier as you move along, but the opening scene is simply you trying to get out. Not something I would normally play, but I might just give a shot to see the direction things go in. Comment below if it is something you would check out.

Full Rundown:

The YouTube channel PlayStation Grenade has a breakdown of all of this month’s PS4 games. So, give them a follow and check out this month’s games. Comment below on the games you are excited about this month.

Sorry, for those who are still rocking on the PS3 and the Vita. Last month was the last month PlayStation provided games for those devices.

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