Today, SteelSeries introduced a brand new multi-platform controller, the SteelSeries Stratus Duo. The Stratus Duo will work between Android and PC thanks in part to the fact that it will feature both low latency 2.4GHz wireless connection and Bluetooth. Not only that, it can also work via a wired connection if need be.

Gamers can utilize the Stratus Duo in multiple ways using the 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth and wired connections. With its Bluetooth connection, the Stratus Duo supports Android, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go. Gamers no longer need to struggle with awkward touchscreen controls while playing mobile games on their Android devices. The Stratus Duo allows gamers to enjoy playing on their Android device via Bluetooth or on their PC via the 2.4Hz wireless connection with no additional software needed for setup.

The 2.4GHz wireless receiver offers a solid, low latency plug-and-play connection for uninterrupted PC gaming. The controller is also Steam-enabled allowing users to play thousands of controller-enabled Steam games and enjoy full Steam Big Picture Mode and SteamLink support.

The Stratus Duo mirrors the familiar size and layout of console controllers, but sports an upgraded design from the Stratus XL with a new trigger design featuring Magnetic Hall Effect sensors that keeps triggers consistent and precise. The controller also includes high performance clickable analog joysticks that feature minimal dead zones and smooth operation. The controller is powered by a lithium ion battery for 20+ hours of play time and includes a Micro USB cable that is 1.8 meters/5.9 feet in length.

The Stratus Duo is also compatible with the new SteelSeries SmartGrip accessory. The SmartGrip is an adjustable phone mount that easily clips on to the Stratus Duo and holds gamers’ phones in place while gaming on the go. The SmartGrip will be available soon for $9.99.

The Status Duo is available now for $59.99 on

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