It’s the month of December and that means Xmas is right around the corner, weeks away. Shopping for members on your family can be a monumental pain in the ass. Shopping for the gamer in your family even more so. Why? Gamers are very particular people. If you have a gamer in your family that already has a console, what do you give that gamer? Your options are limited aside from just buying them more games to play or another console that you’re going to have buy more games for eventually. If you wanna switch it up and be different then my recommendation for the Xmas holiday is definitely an Arcade1up at home arcade. I can’t think of a better idea. I also happen to think it’s THE BEST gift to give for a gamer in your family this Xmas.

Setup is super easy

Setup of the Arcade1up unit is simple. You can either follow the instruction manual that comes with it or just follow Arcade1up’s easy to follow setup video. It’s about 9 or ten pieces give or take and once you put it together it’s extremely solid and sturdy. It’s about 20 – 30 min in total to set it all up. I found the setup video HERE. All in all it stands at about 4ft so if you don’t mind playing while sitting down then grab a chair and you’re good. If you’re a taller person or you just prefer to stand while you game then you can pick up the riser that Arcade1up sells, You can find it on Amazon (get it HERE).

Why not have an arcade machine at home?

Not too long ago, if you wanted an arcade game in your house you would be paying anywhere in excess of $1500 up to $3000 depending on the machine. What Arcade1up did make it so that you can play your favorite Arcade games at home and do it in such a way that you wouldn’t have to have a huge basement to do it. Any one of these machines you buy can fit in a spare corner in an apartment. Mine sits in a corner and it doesn’t take away additional space, It’s comfortable and stays out of the way, just another piece of furniture. Think about playing SF2 Champion Edition, Galaga, Rampage, Centipede or any of those super popular arcade games of the 80’s and 90’s like you’re at an arcade parlor right in the crib. Forget about having to use an emulator that requires complex configuration or having to search all over the internet for arcade ROMS (which is still not totally legal to do). Arcade1up machines keep retro gaming simple, not everybody wants to shuffle through 1000 MAME or emulated games, sometimes you just want to play one. Aside from just that, they’re also a ton of fun if you want to invite friends over and challenge each other. I had to give a few friends a lesson or two when they challenged me in Street Fighter 2. Younger kids who aren’t of that generation get to somewhat experience what the arcade was like for those that were and have fun doing so. As corny as it may sound. It’s family fun, that’s just real talk. It’s nostalgic and Arcade1up did such a good job of making sure that whatever machine you buy is authentic to the time period by nailing down how the machine actually looked. As of right now there are 5 machines to choose from. Arcade1up looks to add more in future but for what’s available now, this is a great deal. It’s same money you would spend on a console. So why not this?

Best gaming gift for the holidays

There’s no doubt in my mind that an Arcade1up machine is the best most unconventional gaming gift to give this year for Xmas. Everybody wants a console, everybody wants games, blah, blah, blah. You know what I say? Boooooring. If you’re in the market for something different that will add a level of cool to your game room or any room in your apartment or house. You need one of these machines. There are 5 in total and there is a game for everyone to play. Young people and the older generation. I’ve been on my Arcade1up machine everyday just to get a game in and meet my daily hadouken quota. No quarters too? Sign me up. This Xmas season if anyone asks me what I recommend for the gamer this year. This is it. They range in price from $299 and up depending on the retailer and the machine. Still a great deal for the gamer who wants that arcade feel at home.

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