Black Friday is upon us and for gamers it’s a particularly welcome “holiday”. It’s when we have all of our money saved up for that big screen TV to watch our movies, sports and most importantly to play our games on. If you’re in the market for a new TV then you have a ton of options. TCL as of the past few years has been making some really great TV’s for home entertainment and media consumption. TCL’s 6-series Roku 55″ and 65″ TV’s are an option that you should consider if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing TV that will give you great visuals and audio while being ideal for gaming at just under $700 and $1000 respectively.

The 6-series TV’s are loaded with some great technology to give you a great experience. You’ve got 4K, Dolby Vision HDR, HDR Pro Gamma, Contrast Control Zones and Roku TV. It’s a mouthful of specs and you get all of this in a thin, lightweight big screen TV wrapped in a brushed aluminum border so matter where you put it in your home, it’ll look great. I spent some time with this TV awhile back and I was incredibly pleased with what I saw and the experience I had. As a gamer I personally opted for the 55″ size TV since it’s more ideal for gaming but that 65″ is for the stay at home, let’s watch the game or some Roku TV with incredible clarity. Playing Destiny, Red Dead Redemption 2, NBA 2K or whatever game you like on your PS4 Pro or Xbox One X looks so good on this TV. Watching some of those 4K UHD blu-rays on either one of these TV’s is a great experience at home.

This is not a review of the TCL 6-series but it’s a suggestion for those who are looking for a great value TV with all of the current day tech and then some that won’t destroy your wallet. It’s the ONLY TV I’ll be recommending you buy this Black Friday (I pick just one every year). I don’t want to give the 6-series the label of budget because to me it implies cheap but what you get for the money it’s what I would consider a great bargain. With all of the content that we consume now being more available in Dolby Vision and HDR you’d want to take advantage considering what TCL’s asking price is for this TV and this is without a Black Friday deal, think about that. Consider the cable cutter. Roku TV is also a huge deal for cable cutters and for the folks who may have been interested but didn’t want to add another device in their home, you have it baked into the 6-series.

You won’t be disappointed by these TV’s at all so I strongly suggest the resist the urge to stick with the brands you’re comfortable with and used to hearing and give the TCL 6-series a try. You can pick up the 55″ or 65″ at your favorite local retailer or can order the 55″ on Amazon HERE or you can get that big boy 65″ also from Amazon HERE

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