October is a month filled with games we have enjoyed playing over the years. A few we set aside but love when they come back around during the months of free games. This month with Xbox Gold Membership we have a list of games that will keep you gaming for hours. Those games are as followed: Overcooked, Victor Van, Stuntman Ignition and Hitman Blood m\Money on Xbox 360. In Xbox fashion the games come out on different dates.


Like cooking, well this is that type of game you and your friends can battle to see who can feed the monsters the fastest. It has that cartoony look, but the graphics are clean. The concept of the game looks like a group of people could have fun cooking and battle monsters. Not sure if this is something you would find entertaining playing on your own, but give it a shot. From watching game-play it sounded like fun with the group that was playing the game. Overcooked is available on October 1st 2018

Victor Vran

Victor Vran looks like a cool game, from watching gameplay of it. Victor has some amazing demon powers that improve overtime. He walks around fighting what looks like other demons with a hammer. Smashing them like it was nothing and when he builds up what looks like a super he really goes in. This is a game that a gamer could get into just because your destroying things with a hammer. Victor Vran is available on October 16th 2018

Full Rundown

The YouTube channel XBOX GOLD has a breakdown of all of this month’s XBOX games. So, give them a follow and check out this month’s games. Comment below on the games you are excited about this month.

Lastly, for those who are still rocking on the XBOX 360. There are some cool games for you as well. Check those out below:

XBOX 360

  • STUNTMAN: IGNITION = October 1st 2018 XBOX 360/XBOX ONE
  • HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY = October 16th 2018 XBOX 360/XBOX ONE


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