One of the many festivals to look forward to in the summer is one from Secret Summer. If you are a New York native many festivals may take place in Manhattan but this one is in my neck of the woods which is Queens. Secret Summer usually takes place at “The Foundry” and is hidden in the industrial areas of Long Island City. It’s a lavish greenish area with a courtyard, indoor greenhouse and views of the Manhattan Skyline.


Secret Summer is a unique experience as it features made to order seasonal cocktails in various styles and food from some of the best creators in New York City such as Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine, Wise Fish Poke, The Chorpian and Bar Gonzo.

This year SS is adding Suntory Whisky Toki™ as the exclusive Japanese Whisky of Secret Summer. It will be featured in The Foundry’s Greenhouse where guests can sample and sip Toki highballs from a Yatai (food cart) as well as being able to try an exclusive Toki cocktail served from the event’s main bar.

Hangar 1 Vodka will have a Hanging Herb Wall where guests will be encouraged to pick their favorite herbs to complete their cocktail.

Alongside that Brugal will have rum tasting sessions that will go with some incredible desserts.

Man v Food host Casey Webb will be in the house to judge the best cocktail at Secret Summer this year.

Music will be provided by Moon-Hooch, Sitar & Tabla, and Hungry March Band.

It’s quite the experience as there is various stations inside and outside that you can hang out at. I tend to move around but you can always chill out and check the scenery. This will also be the first year they are doing two events as they held one this past winter called AQUARIUS which was actually quite fun to intend with the outdoor fireplace.

Tickets are available for now for $125 and I have seen them move out the door pretty quickly so if you are wondering to go… GO!



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