Yesterday it was Sony’s turn to take the stage and showoff their best games that we can hopefully expect to see in the latter part of the year or early next year. It was definitely a grandiose affair and Sony did not disappoint. What we saw wasn’t necessarily a bunch of new titles (Although we did see one or two third party exclusives) but in fact some titles nearing closer to completion and getting a release date. If you weren’t able to see the show itself and if you don’t particularly want to then I can tell the story of what Sony did yesterday by showing you the best games that in my opinion they showed off. Take a look below and enjoy.

Spider Man

The Last of Us Part II

Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

Ghosts of Tsushima


Death Stranding

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Thoughts on Sony’s E3 Conference

Sony’s conference just like Microsoft’s conference showed their commitment to the long game in terms of gaming. By showing off first and third party exclusives PS4 heads will continue to feel confident about owning a PS4. Microsoft’s approach was a little different in accentuating backwards compatibility and a continued effort to make the Xbox a hub for all things media as well as gaming. I would have liked to see Sony show some direction with the PS4 aside from just games because it’s also about the experience. I’m not mad at Sony’s show overall. If I had to grade it, I would give it a “B+”. Great show. If you’re a purist and you wanna see the conference in its entirety then you click on the link HERE and check out the show.

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