It’s e3 2018 and as one can expect it’s going to packed with games, games and more games. Yesterday it was Microsoft and Xbox’s time to show off their best games that we can expect to see in the latter part of the year (hopefully) or early next year. Overall, Microsoft had a really good showing and Xbox heads have a lot to look forward to with some really good games. Rather than try to describe in words what Microsoft has in store. I chose their 10 best games in my opinion that they showed off to tell the story. Check em out below and leave a comment about what you think Microsoft’s best games were/are so far.

Halo Infinite

Forza Horizon 4

The Division 2

Cyberpunk 2077

Gears 5

Dying Light 2

Jump Force

Metro Exodus

Just Cause 4

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Final Thoughts

Microsoft had a really strong showing this year in terms of the games that they announced. If I had to grade it?, I would give it a “B” grade which is not bad at all. I would have liked to see more exclusives or at least some better exclusives but I’m not mad. I look forward to playing these games on the Xbox One X in 4k at 60 fps which neither the PS4 Pro or Switch can offer. Now we have to wait and see what Sony has up their sleeve. If you missed the Xbox E3 2018 conference, you can check it out HERE and judge for yourself what the dopest games were.

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