It’s getting to a point where wireless has taken over the headphones industry whether we want to embrace it or not. It goes from headphones all the way down to earbuds. iFrogz has been known for making personal portable audio for quite some time and has created a small case in mind to accompany that experience called the Cocoon. It’s a charging case that is can be used to charge your earbuds and store other items. But is it really needed?


The Cocoon is a lightweight cylinder shaped design that is mostly plastic with a lightly woven pattern that goes around it and a silicone band with latch to keep it enclosed and safe when not in use. Inside is a USB charging port and on the back is port to charge it up via microUSB. Underneath that is a battery indicator to tell you how much juice is left. It holds up to 580mAh of battery life and depending on the earbuds you use can go a long way.

Included with the Cocoon is a microUSB cable.


Here is the thing with the Cocoon its a practical device depending on what you use it with. For one truly wireless earbuds are a no go as they have their own cases with chargers and around the neck earbuds are closely no go as well. The Cocoon is good for small wireless earbuds that can easily wrap around and fit in there. I tried it with a pair of Fitbit Flyer earbuds and they managed to get there once I squished them in there a bit.

Personally I think it’s a nice case if you want to throw any other earbuds even wired in there for storage and maybe other things such as keys or even memory cards since there is a separate mesh pocket inside.


For $30 you are getting a earbud case that charges wireless earbuds but may actually be better for storage of your wired earbuds and/or misc other little items you want to keep secure.

Cocoon is available now on ZAGG website in colors of Gray/Red and Gray/Navy

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