Like everything else online, sports betting companies have taken into consideration that they must offer a mobile product to flourish. Sports betting apps or, at the very least, a mobile responsive betting site are now expected by the average punter.

However, there are plenty of pitfalls of choosing and using a sports betting app – and it goes beyond making a losing bet. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you make the right decisions:

Do choose the right sports betting app:
A no brainer to start: all bookmakers’ apps are not created equal. Some can be clunky on mobile, or simply offer a poor choice of odds and markets. Some of the better betting apps for mobile include Bet365 and Betfair, both of which offer a slick and seamless experience with some great odds.

Don’t get too hot-headed:
The worst thing you can do when placing a bet is get frustrated – keep a clear head. For example, if you are a LA Dodgers fan or Manchester United fan and they are losing, don’t start betting because you are angry. It’s the easiest way to lose money and it’s very easy to do when you have an online bookmaker in the palm of your hand.

Do check out the live markets:
Mobile sportsbooks are perfect tools for betting live in-play. You could be in a bar watching the game, or at the game itself, and you sense a shift in the momentum, a couple of clicks and your bet is on. Most live markets are updated in real time, so it’s a neat way to make some profit; if you know what you are doing.

Don’t be too impatient:
The skill of betting always revolves around patience. Placing a bet on a sport just because it is happening right now is never a good idea. Belgium to win the World Cup (12/1), The Yankees to win the World Series (6/1) and the Eagles to win Super Bowl LIII (9/1) are all astute bets at great odds that could pay off over the next 12 months.

Do check for promos and betting offers:
Bookies always have some kind of promotion going on – it’s simply the nature of an industry that is ultra-competitive. You can check this guide to recommended free bets in the UK to see offers from major bookmakers right now.

Don’t waste your free bets:
As above, if you get a free bet there is always a temptation to waste it on something fanciful, because you are not using your own money. Using a £10 free bet on Paolo Lorenzi to win Wimbledon 2018 at odds of 1000/1 might seem like a good idea, but it is highly unlikely to happen. Backing Serena Williams (5/1) or Roger Federer (9/4) might be a better use for that free bet.

Do your research:
As hinted, betting on mobile is very easy. However, you should always do a little research on your chosen market before making that bet. Do you know, for example, that all-conquering Premier League side Manchester City are statistically more likely to concede at home than away? Can you use that knowledge to your advantage? Online handicapping services like Doc’s betting services can help you make informed gambles as well.

Don’t be afraid to cash out:
Sports betting is all about making a profit, not some moral victory over the bookmaker. You will often be given the option to cash out if your bet is winning but the event has not yet ended. If you think the tide is turning against your team or player, cut your losses and grab your cash.

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