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Alita: Battle Angel [Official Trailer]

Alita: Battle Angel [Official Trailer]
Action, Adventure, Romance | 20 July 2018 (USA)

Starring: Jennifer Connelly, Christoph Waltz, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein and Rosa Salazar as Alita.

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Geek Facts: James Cameron (Titanic/ Avatar) has been attached to the making of this film, since the year 2000.

“Alita: Battle Angel” is based on the famous 90’s manga series “Battle Angel Alita” by Yukito Kishiro. In post-apocalyptic twenty-sixth century, Alita is a discarded cyborg who’s lost all her memories. With the assistance of cybernetic doctor Daisuke Ido, she is able to bring her functioning as well as one piece of her memory, her fighting ability. With this renewed skill, Alita decides to become a bounty hunter. Hunting down criminals while she attempts to piece her past together.
With most of his attention focused on the upcoming Avatar sequels, Cameron with long term collaborator Jon Landau are on producer duties this time around. Bringing with them all the technologies and tools currently being used on Avatar. As if that wasn’t reason to be curious, Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, Sin City, From Dusk till Dawn) is at the helm with a stunning cast that includes Christoph Waltz, Mahershala Ali and Jennifer Connelly. Alita is played by Rosa Salazar in her first lead role. If she looks a little familiar, some with recognize her from her role in the Maze Runner trilogy. The cgi and effects in the trailer look stunning, I’ve been waiting decades for this film to be made.

‘Her journey begins’ in theaters July 20, 2018

Sources: 20th Century Fox

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