The hottest console this year is the Nintendo Switch. While I’m a pretty hardcore PlayStation 4 fan, there’s no denying how popular the Nintendo Switch is right now. The main draw is the fact that not only is the Nintendo Switch a home console, but it’s also a portable console. It’s the only console where you can start a game at home on your TV and continue playing it on the go. With that said, since it’s also portable, you need a really good case that will carry the Nintendo Switch as well as any accessories or games you want to take with you. Since I’ve had a really great experience with the Waterfield in the past, especially with their CitySlicker Case for the PS Vita, I figured that for the Nintendo Switch, I’d go the same route but with their new Arcade Gaming Case.


Waterfield’s new Arcade Gaming Case for the Nintendo Switch has much in common with the CitySlicker case. It’s got the same kind of look, but it’s much bigger so it can hold more. While the CitySlicker was made to just hold the console on it’s own and some games, the Arcade Gaming Case is made to hold the console, games, and accessories.

First off, this case is really high quality, which isn’t a surprise. The version of the Arcade Gaming Case I got is the one that is made of ballistic nylon and premium full-grain leather. There’s also a waxed canvas version for those who choose that option. I prefer the ballistic nylon as it gives the case a bit of a more modern appearance while the leather is a great compliment to it, especially once it starts showing some wear and tear. It’s finished off with a high quality YKK zipper.

The Arcade Gaming Case features 2 storage areas. The one underneath the magnetic leather flap in the front is supposed to be for the Switch unit, minus the JoyCons. This is because Waterfield assumes here that you’ll have the JoyCons attached to the JoyCon Grip which will get stored in the main zippered compartment.

Also stored in the zippered compartment would be your AC adapter and cables along with an optional Hori Compact PlayStand or Game Card Holder. This zippered compartment is lined in a soft, plush material. There are also different pockets in there to keep all your accessories separated and organized.

Lastly, the Arcade Gaming Case has a handle on top to make it easier to carry along with a detachable shoulder strap for travel.

Final Thoughts

Waterfield’s new Arcade Gaming case for the Nintendo Switch is a really nice case. It’s a very well made case that looks like it’ll stand up to the test of time and is made from some really good, premium materials. Is it the best case for the Nintendo Switch? That I can not confirm as I don’t yet have experience yet with other Nintendo Switch cases. What I can say is that it is a very good case that will hold not only your Nintendo Switch, but also some essential accessories if you plan on taking more than just the core unit.

It’s great for travel, like if you’re going on longer trips because you can take the Switch, the AC adaptor, the JoyCons plus JoyCon Grip, and a portable stand along with other miscellaneous accessories. That’s pretty much everything you need to game on the go if you’re going to be away from home for a long period of time.

The only downside I see to the case is that if you don’t need to carry all the accessories and just want to carry the core unit and the JoyCons attached, you can’t really do it with this and the case is a bit overkill for that. I’d instead go with the CitySlicker if that’s all you want to carry.

Overall, I believe Waterfield has another winner here with the Arcade Gaming Case for the Nintendo Switch.

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