Let me start off by saying, I spend a lot more time at home and as a result, I consume a lot of media more often than not and it wasn’t until one odd day that I realized that I needed a change to my home entertainment setup, mostly in terms of my audio. The audio I had didn’t sound bad but it was a bit dated. I used to run all of my audio through a Sony receiver and a set of monitor speakers which was cool but the problem was it was an annoying setup to maintain and I just grew weary of it. Not to mention all of my colleagues and friends are using AIO setups for their audio or soundbars. I felt left out.

It’s 2017 and it’s only right that I join the group and update my audio setup and get something a lot more convenient and probably a lot louder and clearer. I was in the market for a new setup. I wanted to keep everything one brand and uniform. My TV and Blu-Ray player are both made by Samsung and with that in mind I decided to see if Samsung had a soundbar setup. I went online, did some research, made a decision and I ended up with the MS-750 soundbar that Samsung makes. I’ve had it for just over a month and I’m more confident than ever that I’m ready to move on from my old setup and stick with the MS-750. It’s a fantastic soundbar and I’m not looking back.

Design, Components and Setup

The design of the MS-750 is a simple and clean design. Long and rectangular (Dimensions: 45.28 x 3.15 x 5.13 inches (W x H x D) with speakers on the top side and front end that add up to 11 total speakers all wrapped in a black matte finished grill that can sit on any TV stand and add some elegance to your setup. I just so happen to love black matte so this all works perfectly.

Coupled with the MS-750 is the W700 subwoofer which I had to have because it was necessary but let me just say that the W700 does not come with the MS-750 it’s a separate component altogether. It’s fairly big and heavy as subwoofers always are but it matches with the MS-750 with that matte black and it makes all the difference in the world in how that soundbar kicks no matter what you’re listening to. It’s a MUST if you’ve got a few extra bucks but it can be a bit of a drawback in that you have to really have space for it but what you get in return, is really great sound.

The setup for both components was pretty easy. Your standard connections come in the box like the power cable and optical audio. There is also a USB connected WiFi dongle for use with WiFi connected devices even though you’ll most likely be connecting this by Bluetooth. It’s all about wireless with the MS-750 and it’s all really simple, it took all of about ten minutes to connect physically and wirelessly.

The Multi-room app for your smartphone adds a feature to the MS-750 which is cool as an app because it’s designed to connect multiple speakers and act as a hub for your streaming services. This supports Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Pandora as well as your phone’s internal music while giving you the ability to add or change EQ, and surround settings (If you have a surround setup) . This is extremely important being able to make changes to the sound effects and settings for the soundbar all without having to switch apps.

Lastly, If you choose to wall mount the MS-750, there are VESA mounting points on the back and brackets bundled into the box for a simple and easy wall setup. Just like every soundbar there are a multitude of ways you can set up how you want your sound.


The reason I have the MS-750 is obviously about the sound. Well, what about it? It’s incredible. The sound on the MS-750 isn’t incredible because it’s loud (although, that’s a major reason for me) it’s incredible because it’s balanced and versatile with a 5.0 channel config that supports 4K and has two HDMI ports. The MS-750 is made for entertainment and you’ll know it right away. It’s clear, uninterrupted sound. Perfect for everything you want to listen to.

Depending on the type of music you listen to, the MS-750 gives you really good sound for all genres. A guy like me is very hip hop driven, so that means 9 times out of 10 I’ll be listening to a lot of music that is particularly bass heavy. The MS-750 soundbar handled it pretty well even with the bass all the way up to +6 and the volume in between 50 and 60 which is really loud. Typically, this is the danger zone for hip hop music to where as it begins to sound ugly the louder it gets but even at those levels the MS-750 handled it like a champ. The MS-750 has 32-bit Ultra High Quality (UHQ) upscaling which more or less keeps bass at a low-frequency and makes sure that as the volume goes up that the sound stays even. This way it doesn’t begin to sound like you’re underwater thus keeping your music distortion free.

Watching movies was a much better experience than my previous sound setup. I’m a typical guy in that it’s all about Sci-Fi, action and explosions so I need my soundbar to be able to handle that. I don’t do benchmarks. I just watch and I listen to my favorite. My litmus test for how I gauge my sound for movies is Tron Legacy. It’s got the perfect mix of sound effects and the movie score by Daft Punk surely helps to accentuate the sound. Switching the audio setting to movie on the MS-750 enabled me to hear all of the nuances and background noises that you wouldn’t normally hear just from watching it on your TV. There and while there are some simulated surround sound effects it didn’t sound like a cheap audio trick. If there was anything missing at all then it’s probably that Dolby Atmos like its big brother the K950 and K850 have but it wasn’t a deal breaker.

All of the modes for the MS-750 fit each situation of the type of media you want. When I would game with the MS-750 the sounds were very distinct. Shooting guns had pop and sound effects and background sounds were where they needed to be. Nothing sounded out-of-place and it enhanced my gaming experience.

Should you buy the MS-750?

The MS-750 has a lot to offer. It’s not really cheap but it is affordable when you consider the market for a mid-range soundbar. The MS-750 is competitively priced with some of the best known soundbars like the Sonos Playbase and Bose Soundtouch while offering similar sound quality and clarity. So the MS-750 is a great addition to your home for your home theater needs and even more so especially if you like Samsung. If you really wanna step your game up then I strongly suggest that you add the W700 subwoofer. Yes, it does add $500 to the cost of the setup as a whole but TRUST ME if you love good thumping sound and you have a little extra cash and a little extra space then add this.

Overall it’s a great soundbar and I’m not in the least disappointed. If by chance the MS-750 is too rich for your blood then the MS-650 is still a viable option but you’ll lose 2 speakers which isn’t the end of the world but why have 9 when you could have 11? I’m totally having fun with the soundbar and I’m watching more TV and listening to more music than I had previously. That’s what I wanted and I’m glad I have this soundbar in my living room.


– Matte Black
– 11 speakers
– Great sound and distortion free bass
– Competitively priced for a mid-range soundbar
– Multiple connection options
– Multi-room app support


– MS-650 is a cheaper option
– Subwoofer is a bit expensive
– No Dolby Atmos

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