We look at a lot of cases here at G Style and it seems that every year, more and more are ready at launch for our favorite devices. Silk, designers of the Smartish products and the popular Q Card Case is one of such brands with their stylish and relatively inexpensive cases, starting at just $14.99. This year, they’re making cases for Apple’s latest trio of devices, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

Whats interesting about their collection is that they seem to have a case for everyone. They have stylish, fashion inspired cases, no nonsense functional rugged cases, and even wallet cases, with and without flaps. Not to mention each of their cases have rather bizarre names.

The new generation of cases by Silk feature super grippy textures, and plenty of protection, and improvements to their already best-selling iPhone wallet cases. With these, Silk takes a refreshingly bizarre approach to making a great phone case.

Each Silk case also includes a screen protector and lifetime warranty (no commitment issues here). Available at SilkSmartish.com.

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