Now that we’re getting closer and closer to the arrival of Destiny 2 on September 6th it’s good to know that this time around we have a good story. The initial problem with Destiny in the beginning was in the fact that it did not have a cohesive story to go along with the gameplay. Quite frankly, Destiny was confusing AF. The first two DLC’s The Dark Below and the House of Wolves were additions to the Destiny story that just made it worse. It wasn’t until The Taken King that we got somewhat of a story that made sense and an enemy that tied that story together in Oryx. The Rise of Iron was a good addition to Destiny that was prequel based. It gave us more context and understanding as to why the Guardians are who they are and why Guardian legends like Saladin, Radegast, Praedyth and so on are legendary and are part of the folklore of Destiny. All things considered Destiny had a lot to offer in terms of giving the players a story, it just wasn’t done right. Still a great game.

At this point we should know all that we need to know, somewhat. If not, then a popular Destiny Youtuber who goes by the tag My Name is BYF has complied what I imagine to be the full story leading up to the first Destiny pre-DLC and everything after and up to this point now based on lore and what you may already know on your own. It’s 90 minutes of the Destiny story and if you are a completionist (Which is not really a word) and you have to know everything there is about Destiny then this is something you should probably check out. If you always wanted to know more about the lore and the story behind the Grimoire cards which affect your player score but you aren’t trying to read all those cards then you should also check this video out. It’s pretty cool. Shout out to My Name is BYF for the super dope video. Check out his channel HERE. Also remember that the open beta for PC and Destiny 2 begins tomorrow so PC players get your systems ready. Good luck Guardians.

As an added treat. If you want to see some more gameplay of Destiny 2. YouTuber Lzuniy probably the best early gameplay demo footage from Gamescom 2017 that I’ve seen that you may wanna check out below. Shout out to Lzuniy for the great content and you can subscribe to that channel HERE.

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