If you know me by now I’m pretty dedicated to the Surface Pro line. While I tried Surface RT and a little bit of the Surface Pro 2 I made Surfaces my main device with the Surface Pro 3. Around that time I had decided to work with Skinit and use a Hydra skin on my SP3. Response to the skin was pretty positive as it stood out and some know it as the villainous organization in the Marvel universe right away. As time progressed the skin held its own and eventually I removed the skin as I passed the SP3 to a colleague. Removing the skin had the SP3 looking as if I just bought it.

Flash forward to now I have been using the Surface Pro 4 for the past year and been loving it. But I felt it needed a bit of a personality and linked up with Skinit to get another Marvel skin for the SP4. This one showcases some of the Avengers characters such as Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. Now you would think I did a Skinit before so it would just as easy the 2nd time right? My experience was slightly different this time.


As I described in the time I applied one on the Surface Pro 3 it varies on how easy or difficult it can be to put one on. This was a three-part application with one piece on the front with top and bottom layers on the back. The back pieces were fairly easy but the front gave some trouble. I had to make sure it lined up perfect with not only the speakers but also many lens on the front. Those ranged from the camera and the sensors for facial recognition.


I been using it for the past few weeks now and its been a pleasant experience. I frankly wish I applied one sooner. Quality has been good and haven’t seen any signs of wear no matter where I put it or how many bags I swapped it out of. Luckily it matches with my Type Cover as well.


If you have a Surface Pro and want to give it a different look or even save it from scratches or even possible dents these skins are great quality and a cheap investment. It always helps keep your Surface stand out from the various Surfaces I been seeing around town over the past couple years.

Surface Pro 4 skins are $29.99 with Customs going at $34.99. Of course if you have other devices you can browse through their extensive category of devices.

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