Dads and Grads

Tis the season to celebrate a variety of things. Father’s Day is right around the corner and what wonderful way to surprise dad this year is getting him a piece of cool tech he didn’t realized he needed rather then adding to his tie or sock collection. Also around this time is a ton of graduations taking place. Delightful way to reward for their recent goals is with a sweet gift. Here are some ideas that could surprise that grad or dad in your life.

NVIDIA Shield TV (2017)

The ultimate media stream box comes from the house of NVIDIA. The Shield TV has just about everything possible to fill your entertainment needs. It can load a ton of apps whether that’s Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, Twitter and even Kodi. They even provide 4K streaming for some of these apps. If you are a gamer Shield TV has its own game service called GameStream giving access to 100s of titles. Its one of the best supported devices on the market today and it continues to grow.

Buy It Here: NVIDIA
Review: 2015 , 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8+

One of the most stunning displays (sorry LG) to come to a smartphone is on the Galaxy S8+. It has a 6.2” edge to edge SUPER AMOLED Infinite Display that makes viewing just about anything on it incredible. There is even a home button hidden underneath. Picture taking is eventful on the Galaxy S8+ and can be accessed via two quick clicks of the power button. Performance is swift and the Galaxy S8 has numerous ways to achieve security whether its via PIN, retina, finger or facial recognition. It’s a Jack of all Trades phone and pleasant to have in your arsenal. If the Galaxy S8+ is too large for you to behold you can always opt for the smaller 5.8” Galaxy S8 which is pretty identical.

Buy It Here: Samsung
Price: $724.99 Unlocked, Varied by Carrier

Tool Card Pro by Lever Gear

At first glance, this may look like a fancy money clip but look closer and you will see this Tool Card by Lever Gear is the swiss army knife of money clips. The Tool Card has 40 distinct functions ranging from bottle opening, screw driving, cord cutting, measuring, prying and that’s only a few things I measured. Its very easy to use and can work for anyone in everyday life. Once you have one you will wonder how you did without it.

Buy It Here: Lever Gear
Price: $28-$35

BlackBerry KEYone

If you don’t care for the big screens and want to just get down to business, the KEYone by BlackBerry is a nice choice. The KEYone has a 4.5” 1080p display with a full-on QWERTY keyboard. I know some people will say keyboards on phones are dead but once you get this in your hands it might change your mind. The KEYone is a productivity machine helping type more accurate, making your mobile days last longer with its killer battery life and its build quality is quite superb. Best of all its Unlocked and can be used on Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and coming to Sprint later.

Buy It Here: Blackberry
Price: $550
Review: HERE

Fitbit Charge 2

FitBit Charge 2

One of the most accurate fitness bands I have used comes from FitBit. Whether its counting steps, checking your heart rate and even keeping track of your patterns while you sleep nothing is really coming close to the Charge 2. Getting access to your information is easy whether you use the accompanied FitBit app or check in via the band itself. Also, the bands are interchangeable and you can style the Fitbit Charge 2 in whatever fits in your wardrobe.

Buy It Here: FitBit
Starting at $129.99

Fossil Defender Top Handle Messenger

This Messenger by Fossil can be the ultimate dad bag or even great for those that carry a lot and commute a ton. The Defender Top Handle Messenger has a dedicated compartment for your laptop, two pockets on the inside to stow away plugs, battery packs and wires and additional pockets on the outside if you want to possibility access your phone or keep a bottle of water. This messenger can be used in two ways with the accompanied shoulder strap or you can switch up and use the handle. The handle is very strong as I have packed this bag to the brim one day and still held up perfectly.

Buy It Here: Fossil

Fossil Q Watch

If you are looking for a smartwatch with looking like a smartwatch, the Q Watch line by Fossil may do the job. Their watches are designed to look just like all their other great crafted watches they have built over the years but will also give you hidden functionality regarding being techie. They will give you notifications for calls, texts, and calendar reminders via nice buzz and have activity trackers built in which you can check on via Fossil’s app.

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