If you haven’t heard, Microsoft and team Xbox just announced the official name for the console that was dubbed Project Scorpio. We now know that it’s to be called the Xbox One X. It was at the Galen Center in LA that Microsoft made their announcement of what Project Scorpio was to be called as soon as the event started.

The new Xbox One X looks really sleek in all black much like what the Xbox One S is but more refined and a much smaller form factor. Aside from the somewhat new look there is a lot of power including 4k UHD content support, HDR support as well as UHD Blu-ray support. If you don’t have a 4K TV now is the time to maybe buy one as Xbox intends to be a stunner with some great native games in 4K as well upscaled games from the Xbox One/S.

Spec wise the Xbox One X is a powerhouse and what do you get inside an Xbox One X?

CPU: Eight custom x86 cores
GPU: 6 teraflops
Memory bandwidth: 326GB/s
Vapour-chamber cooling
1TB Hard Drive

All things considered, the Xbox One X seems poised to give the PS4 Pro a run for it’s money, at least hardware wise. It’s slated for a November 7th release for $499 and seems to have a good lineup of launch titles such as Forza 7, Shadow of War, Anthem, Metro Exodus, Crackdown 3, Assassins Creed: Origins and more. Of course as time goes on we’ll see just how good the Xbox One X really is but it’s good to know what we have now. Sony? Your turn.

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