Bungie is having a good week. With today being the last update to the now 3-year old Destiny you would think that you would have to wonder what’s next. Nope. The good folks over at Bungie have decided to end all speculation of what’s next by formally announcing Destiny 2.

We all knew it was coming but Bungie has been pretty mum about it up until now. The decision to finally confirm Destiny 2 was probably based on the “accidental” photo of a Destiny 2 poster showing off what looks like new guardians in combat. Despite that, still not much is known about Destiny 2 but I think it’s safe to assume that there will be new subclasses, new stories, armor and weapons. It’s exciting to see what Bungie is going to come up with and if the Cabal will finally be focal point of Destiny 2 considering that they didn’t have much of a story arc in Destiny other than being a brutal species of heavily armed henchmen.

I expect that Bungie will give us a hint of what to expect with Destiny 2 at this year’s e3 with a pre-release beta following soon after just as they did with Destiny. It’s exciting news for Destiny players such as myself who is a day one player and others who may want to get involved but got into Destiny too late. We’ll keep you posted as we receive more information but in the meantime make sure you get involved with Age of Triumph and get those new weapons and run those old raids at current light levels. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the trailer below. Good luck Guardians.

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