This year might be one of the hardest to decide which smartphone fits your needs. Do you want to stick with Apple and their consistent stream of iPhones or jump into the android pool and try one what’s on the deep end? While Apple does provide the usual familiar background, on the Android side you have phones with superior cameras, curves, and can be combined with peripherals. Here are the best premium smartphones to buy for the holidays.

iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus

Not much has changed from the iPhone 6 series to 7 as the body is similar but they managed to make it slightly smaller with elimination of the headphone jack and finally brings water resistant. Also for the first time is stereo speakers which give it some great sound. The latest processor makes it one of the fastest iPhones ever. If you are interested in dual lens and a farther optical zoom you must get your hands on the iPhone 7 Plus which is the larger of the two.

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Google Pixel / Google Pixel XL

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Google has usually been known for their yearly Nexus devices under a manufacturer but they must decide to build it from the ground up (w/ assist from HTC) to give you a wonderful pure Android experience. It has a camera that takes gorgeous images and for having the device you get unlimited Google Photos for if you have the phone. Also, it has a built-in assistant that can help you with just about anything. Best of all the phone can be purchased unlocked and used with any carrier.

Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

Classified as one of the best smartphones this year comes from the house of Samsung with the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. Its feature packed with a strong processor, gorgeous display and quick battery charging. Charging can be done wired or wireless and you also can add microSDs for added storage capacity. The camera also takes some of the best video/photos of any device this year.

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HTC 10

One of the best constructed smartphones this year of course comes from HTC. It holds its own with its metallic body and boasts some nice specs from having DAC for audiophiles, a nice beefy processor, and strong battery. Its version of Android is runs smooth as well.

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Moto Z

Winner of the mods market this year comes from Lenovo-owned Motorola. They have developed the Moto Mods to work with their entire Moto Z line which spans across three phones. Mods range from a projector, larger battery, speaker, and camera. All work good and can fit ones needs. Motorola even looks to commit to the line adding more mods next year. If you are looking for something a bit different then the Moto Z might be up your alley. Also, the devices run smooth and boast some of the battery life on the market.

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LG V20

The most underrated smartphone on this list would be the LG V20. It’s one of the first to run Android’s Nougat OS is a powerhouse for the tech enthusiast. It has anything you need from a IR blaster, battery swap, two displays, DAC for superior audio, and expanded storage capabilities. Depends on your taste it’s a monster of a phone. The camera is also no slouch with a wide-angle lens and a speedy processor.

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