So of course you have the brand new and fragile looking Google Pixel or in this case Pixel XL and you want to keep that precious screen safe. It is coated with Gorilla Glass 4 but there are still some cases where things do happen. Key scratches, drops, and the list goes on with smartphones. I’m not a big user of screen protectors as I just happen to love my screens naked but ZAGG does usually have some nice quality screens that doesn’t really take away from the “visual” of the display. Lets see where ZAGG’s Invisible Glass+ stands in regards of the screen on the Google Pixel XL.


The Glass+ is a single slab of glass material that essentially goes over your phone or screen to keep it from protection. ZAGG’s setup for this is fairly easy and comes with such things as a lint remover, wet wipe for getting up any dirt and a cloth for drying and cleaning. Applying the Glass+ is a pretty easy two-step process with you removing the first part to expose the adhesive and the 2nd part once applied. Now while this does sound good there is one glaring issue… The screen protector itself doesn’t totally fit. No matter how you try to apply it will leave part of your screen exposed. Whether you rather one side or a little of both. It’s visually distracting to say the least.

Besides that the Glass+ is made out of an ion matrix that is pretty protective to scratches whether its keys or some drops. Also good on combating smudges. It feels good on the screen and I have run a couple of keys and so forth across it to test it out. Another thing with ZAGG screen protectors are they come with a life time warranty which is always a plus.


So while the quality of the ZAGG screen protector is pretty good it doesn’t do completely what its set out to do and that’s protect the screen fully. Once again they feel nice but a bit of an eyesore and hopefully ZAGG does something to fix this problem.


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