If there’s one thing we need in this day and age, it’s more power. Regardless of how huge the battery is in your smartphone or tablet, there never seems to be enough power to last you through the day. Whether your browsing the web, watching videos, or playing Pokemon Go, you certainly don’t want to run out of juice when you really need it the most and the last thing you want to do is waste time sitting next to an outlet. That’s why a portable power bank like the Cygnett Chargup Digital 6000mAh is absolutely necessary to have on you, for those times when you need an extra boost.


What’s nice about the Cygnett Chargeup Digital series is that they are quite thin and not much bigger than an iPhone 5. The edges are curved and it has a soft touch coating for comfort and it actually makes it look quite cool and less utilitarian. Of course the biggest draw of the Chargeup Digital is the fact that it has a digital display that tells you how much charge is left in it. Just push a little button and it lights up with the info. It’s quite handy as most units I”ve seen just have a row of lights so you’re never exactly sure how much charge is really left. With this, you do.

The Cygnett ChargeUp Digital also has two USB ports so you can charge two devices at once. With a 6000mAh battery, you should have no trouble charging up a device to full several times.

Final Thoughts

While this isn’t the smallest portable power back I’ve seen or used, I would say it’s one of the nicest. It still fits comfortably in my back pocket so it’s no problem carrying this in my bag. So far, it’s worked great and I have yet to completely drain the Cygnett Chargeup Digital since I’ve had it.

While the power bank comes mainly in black, you can get it with different accent colors to suite your liking. not only that, while this unit I have is a 6000mAh unit, you can also grab it with a 10000mAh battery if you require even more power.

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