Wolverine The X-Men series has produced some of the comic world’s most recognisable characters. Arguably the most famous member of the X-Men team though, even featuring on one of the slots for Ladbrokes Marvel themed games, is Wolverine. A favourite amongst comic lovers since 1974, Wolverine made his first appearance in The Incredible Hulk #181. To find out all about Wolverine then why not read our profile of the mutant superhero below.

When we think of Wolverine we instantly think of the strong, physically imposing figure that strikes fear into his enemies, however this has not always been the case. Born the second youngest to affluent parents in 19th Century Canada, James Howlett was frail and suffered from ill health for much of his childhood. Growing up James only had two friends, Dog, the son of groundskeeper Thomas Logan, and Rose, who had been brought to the estate by James’ father, John, as a companion for his son. Unfortunately though, Dog grew apart from the group, the abuse he had suffered at the hand of his father slowly corrupting him.

James first recognised his powers as Wolverine when one day Dog and his father returned to the estate after they had been banished for a previous altercation with the Howlett family. Thomas Logan, enraged at his expulsion, attempted to kidnap James’ mother, Elizabeth, and when John tried to protect his wife he was shot dead by Logan. It was at this point when James entered to see the horror that had unfolded. Almost instantaneously his mutation began to show, his claws extending from his hands. It was with these claws that he struck the trespassers, killing Thomas Logan and slashing Dog’s face, forcing him to retreat. After this ordeal James and Rose flee to Yukon, where James adopts the name Logan.

Despite being a member of the X-Men team, Wolverine is still very much a loner who regularly takes leave from duties to deal with personal issues. While this, along with his somewhat rebellious attitude to the X-Men chain of command, has caused friction among the team, he is still respected a well-respected and indispensable member of the team. Over the years Wolverine has had many love interests, these include Jean Grey, Silver Fox and Storm to name but a few.

Unsurprisingly, Wolverine’s polarising disposition has earned him many enemies over the course of his long life. There can be no question who Wolverine’s first adversary is though, Dog. Not content with the suffering he has already caused to his one time friend, Dog tracks down Wolverine and Rose in British Columbia to inflict more pain. During a street brawl between the two, as Wolverine attempts to deliver a deadly blow to Dog he accidentally impales Rose, killing her instead. Wolverine’s ultimate nemesis though is Sabretooth. The two owe much of their powers to the same government research facility project, Weapon X. Sabretooth though is a sociopath, using his powers to inflict both physical and mental pain on others. The pair’s hatred of one another can be traced back to Sabretooth’s viscous attack and near murder of Wolverine’s lover interest, Silver Fox.

As you can see from his profile, even by mutant standards Wolverine has lived an eventful life that has led to his complex nature. It is this complex and difficult nature though that has made Wolverine one of the best loved characters in the Marvel world.

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