Samsung Level On Wireless PRO Headphones

Samsung is mostly known for their Samsung Galaxy devices ranging mostly from their smartphones and also their huge variety of tablets. You might be surprised that they have a full dedicated audio line called “Samsung Level” that’s been around for quite a bit. They been using it for their wireless speakers, headphones and earbuds(not the ones that come with your smartphone). I can understand them wanting to dig into the crowded headphones arena and see where they stand in it. With that being said, the Samsung Level On Pro are designed to give you exceptional and crisp wireless listening mixed with its Active Noise Cancelling option. But are the latest musical cans from Samsung worth the listen?


While they look heavy the Level On Wireless PROs are pretty light in weight. They have soft cushioned ear cups as well as some cushion under the headband for added relief. The headband also does give a little way of bending but nothing you would really be trying out on ala V-Moda or Sol Republic headphones. The Wireless PROs do fold in which is a plus and are able to fit inside its included knapsack for storage and protection purposes. I actually haven’t used it much though and the headphones themselves are pretty durable and sturdy in my eyes. They don’t have a cheap feel to them and seems like Samsung took their time crafting them.

On the left cup you have a port for the ability to use a 3.5mm audio cable while on the right is a microUSB port for charging. Also there is switches for ANC(Active Noise Cancelling) and Power On/Off(and bluetooth syncing).

Sound / Features

One of the fave features of the Wireless PROs is its touch capabilities. Utilizing a virtually invisible touch panel on the right ear cup you are able to pull off functions such as volume controls, play & pause features and skipping tracks. All it takes is a simple swipe up down left or right or a double tap. It takes a bit getting used to but afterward it functions are pretty on point.

These headphones have some awesome clarity for being wireless and am able to hear vocals pretty clearly. These aren’t the greatest in the bass department and fall short in that category. Switching on ANC enhances this even further and makes everything else around you realistically muted. Of course if you want these to sound even better using the audio cable actually achieves this. Even with those results I tend to still keep them wireless as I’m getting used to a headphone world without strings attached.

Also packed into these is Samsung UHQA Studio Sound. If you have a compatible Samsung Galaxy device you will be able to get CD Quality sound via the Level On Pros. Quality is definitely on point but is limited to only their smartphones and not all of them even have it enabled. Also the Samsung Level app will give you some additional features to toy around with.


I used these for long periods of time and they are pretty decent musical cans. They felt comfortable for wearing them during long periods and the fact they fold in made them easy for storage in my bags. Audio wise they are clean and crisp but they need some bass. One of my gripes is that if you don’t switch them off they almost never go off. I have found them always active and battery life also isn’t the greatest. I would have loved to see an auto off function with these. With ANC on you are getting essentially 10 hours of usage while 20 hours will be provided to you off. I never really used these without ANC so getting 10 hours wasn’t very satisfying.
I did test them with a iPhone 6S+, LG V10, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and results are fluid across the board except of course some added features in Samsung’s device.



While they don’t have the strongest bass the Level On Wireless PROs do produce some great sound quality. They are surprisingly light and don’t seem to provide any discomfort. Battery life could be better with ANC but luckily they charge via microUSB and rather quick. At the cool price of $249.99 it seems to be a no-brainer to get these Wireless Level On PROs over the regular Wireless Level Ons which are actually the same price.


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