Instead of announcing a new case for the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, Waterfield took a different route and announced the brand new, premium leather Atelier Collection, aimed squarely at all your iPad Pro accessories. First up is the Atelier iPad Gear Case for keeping all your iPad Pro and new 9.7-inch iPad Pro accessories in one place.

Two side pockets can hold the Lightning Adapter, Extra Tip, and the newly announced SD Card Reader and the USB Camera Adapter. The main compartment fits the Lightning Cable and i12V USB power adapter, with space for a 5W USB adapter and the .5m Lightning-to-USB cable. A dedicated pencil slot secures the Apple Pencil. There’s also room for ear buds.

The Atelier iPad Gear Case is $69 and can be ordered now here.


For those who don’t want a full blown gear pouch but want something to hold their expensive Apple Pencil, Waterfield has something for that too in the form of the Atelier iPad Pencil Case. This too is made of premium leather with a soft Ultrasuede liner to keep your Pencil protected at all times. It even has a metal clip on the back so you can clip it to your bag, pockets, etc.

The Atelier iPad Pencil Case is $29 and can be ordered here.

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