Valentine’s Day is coming up so you’re either A: totally happy that you’re single and don’t have to worry about getting a gift for someone, or B: pulling your hairs out because the one you love is so very hard to shop for and you have no idea what to get them. That to me pretty much sums up Valentine’s Day. If you’re a woman and looking for a gift to get your guy, allow me to offer up a few suggestions that’s are low-tech and battery free. These are gifts that require absolutely no power to function because in all honesty, if a guy wanted some kinda cool energy consuming product, he’d probably already have it.


WaterField Premium Curo Dopp Kit

You might not know this, but men can take just as long to get ready as women and just like women, we also have our own “beauty” products that area must when we travel. What better way to carry all that stuff than with a manly dopp kit. WaterField Designs new full-grain leather Curo Dopp Kit is made of premium materials and features an innovative design with details that make this ultra-practical, personal luggage piece a statement of style to help start and end each day with class.

  • Premium leather in black or distressed brown
  • Gold, water-resistant liner
  • Arched, wide-topped, waterproof zipper
  • Four interior pockets

Get here: Waterfield Designs
Price: $89.00


Tenba Cooper Collection Camera Bags

Tenba makes some of the most nicest camera bags you will ever see. Made from high quality materials, each Tenba bag is sure to turn heads wherever you are and in any situation.

Tenba Cooper is a collection of luxury canvas and leather bags that feature the finest materials of any camera bag out there, including gorgeous peach-wax cotton canvas with full-grain leather accents and trim. We combined these exquisite materials with our signature professional features, including the accessibility, protection, and weather resistance you see in all Tenba products. Everything you love about Tenba’s rugged durability can be found here, wrapped up in a beautifully refined package, right down to the hand-riveted leather zipper pulls. Welcome to a world with redefined luxury and craftsmanship. Welcome to Tenba Cooper.

If you’re interested in reading a full review of the Tenba Cooper 8, check out our in-depth review here.

Get here: Tenba
Price: Start at $169.95

Grovemade - Brass Minimalist Wallet - Lifestyle

Grovemade Brass Wallet

If you’re looking for unique home crafted goods, look no further than Grovemade. Founded in 2009, their small workshop of designers set out to create some of the most beautifully crafted accessories such as iPhone cases, desktop organizational solutions, wallets, key rings, and even dinner wear. Their latest creation is a minimalist wallet featuring brass and tanned leather.

Fashioned from solid brass and wrapped in plush vegetable-tanned leather, Grovemade designed their wallet to follow the form of your essentials – bank card, ID, and a bit of cash. Distinct in form and with a definitive heft when in your hand or pocket, the brass wallet is sure to turn heads.

Get here: Grovemade
Price: $139.00


Grovemade Brass Key Ring

If you decided to pick up that Grovemade Minimalist Brass Wallet, why not also pick up a matching Brass Key Ring? These things are highly durable and has a secondary function as a bottle opener.

Fashioned from a block of solid brass, The Grovemade Key Ring is nearly indestructible, made to easily withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Designed to hook quickly and firmly onto your belt loop, yet small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, each ring features a built-in bottle opener for cracking into a beer or soda, no matter where you are.

Get here: Grovemade
Price: $59.00

Cheesy Hallmark Card

Of course if you waited until the last minute and can’t think of anything to get at all, a cheesy Hallmark card can sometimes do the trick. If it’s funny enough and relates to your current relationship situation, then sometimes a card is all you really need to say I love you.