Casetify x Colette

It’s getting pretty hard these days to differentiate or really care about cases for smartphones. It’s not because I think we don’t need them or that they’re useless (in fact the opposite) but because many of them look the same and really only do one thing and that’s protect your device. The only real difference being the level or protection they provide and if there’s some visual cue that helps it really stand out from the rest. With that said, I’m checking out Casetify’s newest case in collaboration with Colette, appropriately named Castify x Colette x Looney Tunes. That’s right, this is also an official Looney Tunes tie in as well.

Casetify is a brand known for allowing you to build you own custom iPhone and iPad cases but with this newest collaboration, you trade in individual style for custom branding that actually looks pretty good. The back plate on the case is what sets it apart from typical Casetify cases with either Bugs Bunny or Tweety Bird along with Colette’s recognizable blue dots pattern.

Casetify x Colette

What I like about this case is that while there is a design on the back, there are still transparent elements that allow you to see the color of your iPhone. I’m assuming you bought a specific colored iPhone for a reason and it’s nice that you’re still able to show that off with this case. Another awesome thing here is that the back plate is in a matte finish as well as the printed design. Why is that good? Well, it keeps the back plate fingerprint and grease free which is a huge problem I usually run into with glossy cases. You don’t get that here.

While the Casetify x Colette x Looney Tunes case is all about style, that doesn’t mean it skimps on the protection. The case features dual-layer construction consisting of a durable hardshell exterior that is co-molded with a soft, impact-absorbing layer. That means the case should survive most reasonable drops. Also, the slightly raised bezel lip keeps screen protected and the hardshell adds additional from dents and scratches.

In the end, the Casetify x Colette x Looney Tunes is a really good case for those who value style and function. It’s a good looking case that’s very fashionable and one that I haven’t seen anyone else with in my area. It also offers relatively good protection with its dual layer construction, but is also quite slim at the same time so it doesn’t make your iPhone feel bulky after using it. At $40 though, it’s not the cheapest case out there, but it’s well made and the Colette x Looney Tunes branding are worth it if you’re a fan of both.

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