CES time…CES time. I’m all over the Smart Home beat this year and I’ll be all over the show floor looking for cool DIY (Do It Yourself) items you can add to your home in that continuing effort to “Building a Smart Home”. What I won’t be doing is reporting on the endless companies that are offering “Smart Light bulbs”! Seriously light bulbs are becoming the new iPhone cases of the Smart Home world, enough! Anyway I’ll be looking for other cool areas you can make your own smart. And speaking of which, let me talk a little about Keen Home.

Keen Home Smart Vent

Keen Home makes a Smart Air vent for your home which can be controlled by and app and allow you to control what room gets air. So if your home has a venting system that is on the floor, of you have air flow ducts along the wall, you can replace them with this for better control there. This is useful and cool if you find when you set a house temperature, but find some rooms are cooler or hotter than others. With the Keen Home Smart vent, you can get an idea which rooms have what temperature since the units have a build in thermometer. If one cool is cooler or hotter than the other you can stop the air flow to that room and regulate it better. This not only helps with comfort, but with energy cost.


No more waste heating trying to heat that one room that doesn’t get a warm as the others, you could close off the air vents in the rooms that aren’t being use, which would reroute the flow better to the rooms are being used. Or just focus the air in the rooms you’re in and cut the energy you need. While heat or cool the entire house if you spending most of the day in the living room or a bedroom.

labeled-arbor_1024x1024 The Keen Home Smart Vent comes in 4 sizes that should fit your existing duct locations and cost $79 per vent for the Herringbone cover, there is also an Arbor cover which is a little more fancy so that will cost you $129 for a unit with that cover. They also have a starter kit which has 2 vents and Smart Bridge for it at $195. If you choose to get the Smart Bridge separately they have bundles that contain 1 bridge to 3 depending on how large your home is. This will run from $39-$79.

Now while I can review an item of this sort yet due to my apartment living, trust I have this on my list of things when I buy my house!

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