Wireless headphones have been out now for quite some time and there really should be no reason why you aren’t using them. If you say because of the bulk, that’s now a moot point because there are quite a few wireless earphones out on the market as well that are worth a look. Being wireless makes music listening a wonderful experience in which you are tethered to tangled cables that can get in your way. If you’re a fitness buff, the last thing you want to do while exercising is having your hand get caught in your earphone wires and having them get yanked out of your ears or worse, your smartphone or MP3 player getting yanked and falling to the ground. Why take those chances? Wireless is the way to go if you want complete freedom of movement.

One of the newest wireless earphones on the market is the Jabra Sport Pace Wireless. This is Jabra’s latest in their line of fitness earphones that combines premium sound with the convenience of Bluetooth technology.

How do they look?

The Jabra Sport Pace Wireless are damn good looking earphones. When most people think of earphones, they think of these little earplugs that go into our ears with a long wire attached to them, and that’s it. There’s little really in terms of style or looks that help distinguish one pair from another. With the Jabra Sport Pace Wireless, you don’t get these tiny ear buds. You get these somewhat massive ear buds with huge plastic housings and ear loops. I’m assuming the size is needed to house things like the Bluetooth radio, rechargeable battery, whatever other techie things go into making it wireless. I’m fine with all this because Jabra manages to make it all look sleek and unified.

Instead of a long cable that plugs into your device, you get a cable that is no longer than a foot that connects both earplugs. This cable is meant to wrap around the back of your neck so it stays out of your way and that’s exactly what it does. It’s in a position that makes it near impossible to get caught on anything leaving you free to move around without fear of getting tangled up.

For the fashion forward, the Jabra Sport Pace Wireless come in a few different cable colors. There’s red, blue, and yellow. Each also comes with color matching eargels and corresponding Jabra logo.

How do they sound?

I’m no audio expert, but the Jabra Sport Pace Wireless sound mighty good to me. They deliver a full range of sounds with crisp, clear highs and deep bass. What I like about earphones are they they really do block a lot of the outside noises when using them and that’s what these do. All you really hear with these on is your playlist and that’s what you really want from a good set of earphones. Because these are wireless, there’s no cable hanging down and as you know, sometimes when the cable rubs up against you, you can actually hear that in your ears. I hate that. With these, you don’t hear a thing because there’s no cable to rub up against.


The Jabra Sport Pace Wireless includes the usual stuff that every good set of earphones should have, such as an inline remote to control your tunes and the volume. It goes the extra mile here though by allowing you to also pick up your calls and with the built in mic, you’ll be able to chat as well.


Since these are geared towards fitness, Jabra made sure that these could take a beating. The Jabra Sport Pace Wireless are built to US military standards for rain, shock, sand, and dust resistance (IP54 Rated) meaning not even the most intense of workouts will slow these down.

If you download the optional Jabra Sport Life app to track your fitness, there’s a dedicated “sports button” on the headset that will update you during workouts.

Final Verdict

I’m not usually a fan of earphones, mainly because of the long cables and the fact that for me at least, they always seem to hurt my ears after a long time. That’s not the case with the Jabra Sport Pace Wireless. Not only do these not seem to hurt my ears, but it solves the problem of cables that get in your way and cables that tangle up. I never have to worry about these falling out of my ear or getting tangled up in my business.

With that said, there really should be no reason anymore to use a wired anything. We got wireless headphones, earphones, keyboards, controllers, and even wireless charging. The era of being tethered to a device or location is coming to an end. Join it now or be left behind.

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