tritonBy now, most of you should have had some experience with screen protectors and have already made the decision to use them or not to use them. Some of us don’t want to use them because they are difficult to install, make our devices look ugly, or don’t like the feel of the screen after while others of us swear by them and would never leave our screens unprotected for fear of having them scratched of cracked. I’m of the latter group. While I’m very careful with all my devices, I don’t want to accidentally scratch the screen because that’s not something that’s easily replaceable. It’s much easier to swap a new screen protector than it is to swap out a whole screen. If you’re like me, putting on a screen protector is the first thing you do and the only real question becomes, what type do I use?

While the most common type of screen protector is usually a protective film, if you want the best protection out there, glass protectors are usually a better option (though that can be debatable). The Trident Case Athena Series Glass Screen Protectors is one such option and the one I’m taking a look at today is for the iPhone 6. This one in particular not only features the protection of glass, but also privacy protection.

Like most glass screen protectors, the Trident Case Athena Series ones are incredibly easy to install. Just clean the surface of your iPhone 6, peel the back off the Athena Series screen protector and line it up where you need to place it. Once it’s where you want it, just press down on the center and watch it self install. There’s really no need to squeegee out any bubbles with glass screen protectors. Every one that I’ve used have always installed bubble free.

Since this is the Athena Series Privacy Glass Screen Protector, it has a privacy film built in which makes the glass a bit darker than it’s clear counterpart. Because the iPhone 6 has curved edges, this glass screen protector does not go all the way too the edges so if you’re running an iPhone that has white borders, it might look a bit weird. The space grey variants of the iPhone 6 should look just fine with this. If you’re one who is concerned about privacy and nosy people who like to peer over at your screen, get one of these. The screen will look completely black to them while you’ll be able to see everything as normal.


  • 0.2mm screen thickness for the toughest, slimmest screen protection
  • 60? privacy viewing
  • Oil, scratch and smudge resistant coating
  • Touch-sensitive, anti-glare screen
  • Tempered glass protection
  • Non-slip adhesive coating
  • 9H-rated surface hardness

Overall, a really good privacy glass screen protector by Trident Case. The Athena Series Privacy Glass Screen Protector is another good alternative for those looking for a glass screen protector and one that features privacy protection.

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