UE Boom 2 colors

Today Ultimate Ears officially unveils the sequel to its very popular UE Boom wireless speaker with the simply dubbed “UE Boom 2”. Taking cues from the Megaboom it’s now completely waterproof with a IPX7 grade and is slated to be 25% louder and providing better sound. It still has its nice compact size which can fit in a bottle holder on your bike or in your backpack,and it has a new tap to play feature as well.

If you want to learn more about the UE Boom 2 go to this this link and/or the video below. Also we did just get one in-house so keep your eyes and ears peeled for the upcoming review.

UE BOOM 2 comes in six new vibrant color variations: Cherrybomb, Yeti, Phantom, GreenMachine, Tropical and BrainFreeze. Pricing will be $199.99
and is available now.

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