Being both a student and the parent of a student this time of year, I’m busy double-checking that I have all the necessary supplies for back to school. These days with schools relying on tech more than ever and switching between gadgets being the norm, having the best storage and transfer options has become almost important as pens and notebooks. When it comes to choosing memory cards and flash drives SanDisk is the brand we always default to in my house and Best Buy is where we’re always sure to find the best variety for what we need.

SanDisk for iPhone and iPad

9294175frDIf you own a lot of Apple products like I do you might feel like you’re limited to the storage space that comes with your phone since adding a memory card to your iPhone or iPad is impossible. SanDisk has solutions with both lightning and USB connectors to help you transfer files between all of your devices, including your computer. This frees up space on both your iDevices and gives you the free space you need to add all the apps, pictures, music and videos that you want. It seems these days most Android devices have chosen to not offer the option to expand memory, for those devices there are also dual USB options available.

SanDisk Options For All

4807118frDBack to school is when you might find yourself focusing more on storage options but if you just need a good SD card for your digital imaging needs, SanDisk has you covered there too. SanDisk SD cards are created with both the amateur and professional photography in mind. They can record 4K Ultra HD and Full HD video and transfer speeds up to 60MB/s for use with action cameras, smartphones and tablets. They are also 10x faster than regular cards used with today’s camcorders and DSLR cameras.

Whether specifically for school or just your everyday living there are a variety or reasons and situations that you may need a SanDisk product.

Check out Best Buy’s SanDisk brand store HERE.

**The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.**

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