Plantronics has recently released it’s new more mainstream pair of Bluetooth headphones the Backbeat SENSE. This pair is build more for the everyday on the go use and clocks in at $179.99 on the price. This joins their line up which includes the Backbeat PRO, and Backbeat FIT. The SENSE already has some great design and performance DNA in it from the Backbeat line, but this would be considered the midrange pair in the group. Does midrange mean less worthy? Here is some thoughts after I gave them a test run.


The Backbeat SENSE share a few design elements from the PRO and this isn’t a bad thing. If you remember my review of the Backbeat PRO, I was left a little underwhelmed in the looks department. Plantronics this time around dialed up the design just a little. For the review unit I choice their Black/Espresso color option and as you can see, the looks is still kind of basic, but the mix of an extra color to the black is a nice accent for the headphones. Also this time around instead of just black, Plantronics added another color as well. This time you have the option of Black/Espresso and White/Tan. So you have a little more choice this time around. With the Black/Espresso, the Espresso accent is in the ear cups and the flexible headband.

Beyond the color accent, the Backbeat SENSE shares the metallic accents as well from the Backbeat PRO. While these are just subtle changes, it does give the Backbeat SENSE more style appeal this time around. But nothing too drastic to distract from the quality of the audio.

Sound & Features

The Backbeat SENSE not only shares some dna from the PROs with its style elements, but many of the cool features in the PROs can also be had in the SENSE pair of headphones. One of the these features and what I would consider its namesake, would be its ability to sense when it is on or off your ears. Like the Backbeat PRO the SENSE can detect when you have taken the headphones off your ears. When this happens the music your listening to will automatically pause itself. When the headphones detects that you have return the them to your ears, it will resume the music but gradually raise the volume so it doesn’t shock you as it comes on. This feature is subtle but great in use. It is definitely one of my favorite features from the Backbeat PRO and equally on the SENSE.

The Backbeat SENSE also shares some of the music control functions as the PROs. For volume control it has a rocker dial for raising or lowering the volume. For play/pause control, you can find it on the left ear cup. On the right controls for phone calls. The SENSE also has some open mic tech as well. Without taking off your headphones, you can click a button which will pause the music and activate mics allowing you to hear around you without taking your headphones off.

When it comes to the quality of the music, I was impressed with the Backbeat SENSE. Though the SENSE doesn’t have noise cancellation like the PROs, when the ear cups get into place over your ears, it forms a good seal and music sounds both clear and loud. When listening to some of my favorite music, across the range of highs, mids, and lows were good. Bass was good, though I do wish there was a little more oomph in my bass. This is just me though, and I’m love a lot of smooth and powerful bass in my music. The audio quality was both great for music listening, and good when making phone calls. I wouldn’t use this as a primary method of making calls, but when out and about it comes in handy!


The Backbeat SENSE is a great pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones! Before them my main pair had actually become the Backbeat PROs. One of the main items I was really interested for my experience was battery life. The Backbeat PRO has highly impressive battery life, my usage is usually about 3 weeks which is great! With the Backbeat SENSE while I don’t get 3 weeks, so far I’ve gotten about a week and a half during my use. This is good enough for a lighter weight pair of headphones. When you add the good battery life, with a light weight size, and a cool design you have a great pair of headphones.

Wrap Up

The Backbeat SENSE is a great pair of light weight and long-lasting Bluetooth wireless headphones. They will cost you $179.99 and is available now. If you’re looking for something to use on the go, and don’t want to worry about having to constantly recharge it, the Backbeat SENSE is a good choice. Great audio quality and good for a phone call here and there in a pitch, these Backbeat headphones makes perfect “sense”!

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