The physical wallet is dying out. With the advent of digital payments and digital credit cards, there may soon be no use for a wallet other than to hold your identification cards and some cash. Even then, how long before even that is digital and cash is no longer needed? In any case, there are still uses for a wallet, though not traditional wallets we may be used to. Traditional wallets are large and thick and if you’ve already started to adopt payments via your smartphone (such as Apple Pay) you may not need such a large wallet anymore. That’s where the WaterField Spike Wallet comes in. The Spike is a minimalistic wallet designed for those who only need to carry the essentials in this new digital world.

J7ker5eKCPMWOz3Cgzn7HluIWXkzKYUWIEKjko7ofrI_grandeThe WaterField Spike is a leather wallet with just one pocket. It is made of a grizzly brown, naturally-tanned, distressed, full-grain leather that looks better with age.There is a flap that goes over the opening that is secured by tucking a piece of the flap into the wallet. On the front of the wallet, the WaterField logo is branded on.

Now you might be wondering, what can I hold with just one pocket? Plenty. For starters, if you are using something like Apple Pay, you won’t need to hold your credit cards anymore. You’ll only need your identification (driver’s license), any insurance cards you might have, and some emergency cash. If you wanted to, you could also throw in a credit card for those instances where a place you visit doesn’t take digital payments yet.There are two sizes available, one that only accommodates cards and another that will also hold cash. This one is a bit taller than the latter.

JzhsNk05p-wcC-ycLF_XuIMqt4TJZqFLoL3tD284Qms_grandeHow well does it work? I’m able to fit a few cards in as well as some cash and the wallet it still relatively flat and thin. I’m the type who really hates fat wallets so I can really get behind something like this. I usually try to carry as little as possible with me in my pockets so the WaterField Spike Wallet is perfect. It keeps everything flat and doesn’t bend my cards like some other wallets do.

Overall, the WaterField Spike Wallet is a great item for those who are already adopting digital payments. There are still some things we need to carry around with us and for those things, you don’t need a giant, fat wallet. Something like this will get the job done and not only that, it looks good doing it. Because the wallet is made of genuine leather, you know that it will also last and not just fall apart on you. The WaterField Spike Wallet is available in two sizes, both for $25 and can be purchased on their website here.

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