Samsung Galaxy S6

Finally getting my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6, I have to say straight out the box I been thoroughly impressed. I always have this thing about Samsung devices where I feel they start off good and then something just goes awry with them. But so far so good and these are pluses and minuses with the Samsung Galaxy S6 so far… And don’t worry a full on review will be ready shortly after…


What I Like


Samsung has always had decent colorful screens but they updated the ante on this one. They have pushed the PPI to a whopping 577 putting it over the likes of its predecessor the Galaxy S5 (432ppi) and its big cousin the Galaxy Note 4(517ppi) with ease. This equals a better looking screen and more vivid colors.

Fingerprint Scanner

I never been a fan of using security on smartphones as it is annoying to me but I always give them a try when something new is presented. I hated the “swipe finger” method the Galaxy Note 4 presented and never used it again after an hour or use. Samsung went back to the drawing board and implemented a “single press” just like on the iPhone. So far using it I have enjoyed it and haven’t taken it off since.

Wireless Charging / Fast Charging

Definitely a needed standard in smartphones today is the ability to wirelessly charge your phone. You may not always use it but it’s great to have as an option. With the Galaxy S5 I had to attach a wireless card to the battery for that functionality to work but here it comes right out the box. Fast charging is a MUST nowadays. I have grown accustom to it on the Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6 and it’s hard not seeing a battery charge up in the next hour or so.


The plastic age of Samsung Galaxy phones look to be dead as they tested it back with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha(hence the name) and they built the phone completely with metal and glass. It reminds you a lot of the iPhone with its build design but its welcome at this point with this needed change.


The camera hasn’t changed much from the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 which is a good thing. If it’s not broke why fix it. They have lowered the aperture which is good as it allows more light to pass through. Also they have brought the front camera into the 5MP realm which means better looking selfies right?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Back

What I Don’t Like

Battery Life

Surprisingly this being the newest flagship from Samsung it has one of the smallest batteries we seen in one quite some time. I find myself draining the battery fairly quickly and making sure I either turn on the Battery Saver or being careful with my usage when not neither an outlet or equipped with a battery pack. Samsung is apparently aware and looking to address the issue. Time will tell in this matter.

No Expandable Memory

While some may look at not being able to remove the battery as an issue especially with what’s mentioned I can’t remember the last time I even swapped a battery anyway. I can recall using microSD cards a good deal though. This is the first Samsung smartphone I’m using without being able to go towards this option and it feels weird. I mainly use expandable cards for pictures, movies and storing offline playlists from say Google Play Music.




Usually I would burning TouchWiz at the stake for being the sluggish resource hog it’s been known for BUT it hasn’t been that bad yet. I haven’t experienced what I always called “TouchWiz Lag” yet and hopefully don’t run into it. The OS still has that same design and feel though even with it running Android 5.0.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 may surprise me come out being an actual awesome smartphone from Samsung but that will be decided in my full on review. Stay Tuned!

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