Tiger Woods Special Edition ShadowA few months back we posted about Tiger Woods and SOL REPUBLIC inking a deal but its been pretty quiet. Today we see an announcement with SOL REPUBLIC coming out with a special edition “Tiger Woods” colorway of their wireless SHADOWS earphones that recently just hit shelves last month. They are available now for $119.99 and you can read more about them below in the presser.

Also check out our full review on the SOL REPUBLIC SHADOW



Golf icon and music lifestyle brand unite to bring great sound

to music fans on and off the course



San Francisco, CA – April 22, 2015: Committed to changing the world one listener at a time, music lifestyle brand SOL REPUBLIC and Tiger Woods have teamed up to create a special edition of their SHADOW Wireless earphones. Like the original SHADOW, the Tiger Woods version features NASA-inspired biomorphic design, incredible sound and a fashion-forward look for music fans. Partnering with Tiger Woods, SOL REPUBLIC designed a red and black version to commemorate Tiger’s tradition of wearing red on Sundays. Launching exclusively at Best Buy stores and on BestBuy.com, this edition will also include a carrying case.


“Music is a big part of my life on and off the course,” said Woods. “Working with SOL REPUBLIC, we’ve created a headphone that looks and sounds incredible. I’m excited to share it with my fans.”


Balanced and detailed, the Tiger Woods special edition SHADOW sounds better than most wired headphones, features a mic & remote, and has an 8 hour battery life so you’ll be ready to play music whenever you want it. Featuring a flexible, soft, natural-fit collar, SHADOW distributes weight evenly and adjusts to your body movements just like eyeglasses or a watch so you’ll soon forget it’s there. Small and flexible enough to keep in your pocket or a small bag and built to endure both sweat and rain, SHADOW is a wireless headphone that can go anywhere you go.


Using multi-point connectivity, music lovers can easily connect up to two devices at once and seamlessly switch from listening to music on a tablet to taking a phone call on a smartphone without the hassle of connecting and disconnecting.


“It’s been amazing to work with Tiger to bring this edition to life,” said Kevin Lee, co-founder and CEO at SOL REPUBLIC. “He inspires those who strive to break barriers and we hope music and golf fans alike appreciate the design and performance.”


Like all other SOL REPUBLIC earphones, the Tiger Woods special edition SHADOW is part of the exclusive “Ear Tips for Life” program that ensures you will never have to worry about losing your ear tips again. SOL REPUBLIC is the only manufacturer that will replace your ear tips anytime they are lost, misplaced or if you simply want a different size.


The Tiger Woods special edition SHADOW is available now for purchase exclusively at BestBuy.com; available soon at Best Buy stores, TigerWoods.com and SOLREPUBLIC.com for $119.99.

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