The first time I reviewed the Chevy Volt back in 2012, and I generally loved it. At the point cool looking hybrid or electric motor type cars where wasn’t as abundant. At the time I think so of the most known choices were the Chevy Volt, the Toyota Prius, and the Nissan Leaf. With the last two, you could see why I instantly loved the Volt. The Volt looked like a car I would actually want to drive, and it was looking to the future. Last week I took the 2015 Chevy Volt for a spin to see if I would have the same love for it as I did back in 2012. Was this still a car I wanted to drive.


IMAG0810 The styling of the 2015 Chevy Volt, though some 3 years later has largely remained the same. The interesting thing about this is that for a look I raved about in 2012, you would think I would still love the look. But honestly here some 3 years later, seeing the same style has lessen my love of the look of the Volt. It was a great look for 2012, 2013, maybe as far as 2014. But here in 2015 it is now showing its age. And this is the same for the interior of the car. While the seating and general look is okay, the all white center console has to go. The front of the interior is definitely due for a redesign.

I say all this and sure enough, this is the last version of this generation Volt. Starting next year the 2016 model will look completely different. Well not completely, but the next rendition will be upon us and honestly this is the Volt I’m look for. This next Volt is will look to renew my love for the car and the brand. I’ll sneak a couple of images of it in the gallery section below if you curious about the look. But with this knowledge, I can’t bash the 2015 model. It is the last of the line for this look, and then we take an evolutionary step forward. This was the look that brought my attention to the car, and I’ll remember it with fondness.


IMAG0015 Driving the 2015 Chevy Volt was just as good as the first time I tried it out, nothing honestly has changed in my experience this time around. The Volt is a great car to use. Good on gas, decent acceleration, and I can see it be a general fun car to own. The only nagging part of it was the feeling that it was showing its age. When I approached the car I didn’t have the same excitement I did the first time around. This won’t be an issue to you if this is your first time experiencing a Volt, but for me it was time for something new. It was time was something fresh, something evolutionary.

I can see this refreshment, this evolution on the horizon. I can’t wait for 2016, and think the next generation of the Chevy Volt will bring back my excited feeling.


The 2015 Chevy Volt is every bit of awesome as it was when I first checked it out in 2012. It is a great range extending vehicle. The starting MSRP is $35,170. A good choice is you are looking for a hybrid or electric motor car that looks better than a Prius or Nissan Leaf (is the Leaf even a factor anymore?). But if you are looking for just hybrid cars in general now a days there is a lot more choice on the market. BUT 2016 should be very interesting and I will definitely have my eyes on the Chevy Volt there. So I do find it hard to recommend the 2015 model, when I know and have seen the 2016 model that is coming. Sooo you may just want to wait it out!

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