Skinit Surface Pro 3 Hydra (4)

Ever look at your laptop, tablet or mobile device and get tired of its overall appearance? I get like that at times and am always looking for a chance to give my gadgets a new light. I never used a skin before for a device but I had seen a colleague with a similar skin on a Surface Pro 3 a few months back and was intrigued by the idea. Checking out Skinit website they have tons of skins ranging from covering your mobile devices to even covering larger devices such as your video game consoles down to your audio devices. After spending what felt like hours on the site, I decided on Hydra emblem which is a villainous organization from Marvel Comics.


Skinit Surface Pro 3 Hydra (2)Depending on the type of skin you purchase some may have just one layer or multiple layers. For instance I got one for the Surface Pro 3 so it has a two-part skin that goes on the back of the device while a another skin that goes on the front. The skins are developed in part by 3M and are a premium vinyl material. To apply all you have to do is peel off the paper and apply to your device. It really comes down to mastering doing the application. Once it’s done you are good to go. While the back is easy because they are larger pieces the front took a bit more time with it being thin and going around the screen.


Skinit Surface Pro 3 Hydra (7)

I have been using the skin for about a week now and I love how the Skinit decal changed the look of my Surface Pro 3. The skin feels great and doesn’t show any sign of wear and tear. I know it’s only been a week but I use my Surface Pro 3 more than you know with it being a daily driver. It blends in so good you wouldn’t even know it was a skin. Now I feel like I need to get a red or black Type cover to complete the new look. Also with this skin on the back it protects the back of the Pro 3 from getting scratches which they can typically get after while without any protection.


I didn’t realize Skinit used 3M which has been producing excellent materials for decades and how great it looked once applied. One thing I like to see is if they can make it easier to apply some of the more hollow pieces like going around the screen. A slight misstep can be a fatal mistake if done wrong. With this being my first time using Skinit, I have to say I’m impressed with the quality.
Skinit is a great product as they have thousands of options and cover a heavy array of devices. The prices aren’t too bad and you get a nice quality overall creation.

Skinit has a multidile of products starting in the price range of 14.99 for the smaller devices and upwards for some of the larger devices.

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