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T-Mobile Brings Back the “Contract” at Un-Carrier 9.0 Event in NYC


Tmobile was in NYC on Wednesday to tout its new phone and data plans for its business, employee and overall customers.

The “Un-Carrier” 9.0 is what they call it and it’s much of the same no-contract, rate chopping offers that T-Mobile has been using to generate new customers and siphon away customers from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint for quite some time.

For the most part it’s been pretty successful and it’s really an appealing deal especially to new customers. With T-Mobile offering these new incentives it would be hard for anyone to ignore them.

Aside from just their normal customers, T-mobile is also offering better tiered programs for their business customers based on the number of lines they’re going to have active. As an added bonus they’ve partnered with Godaddy.com to give business customers a free domain and email branding. Microsoft is now in the mix as well to offer an Office 365 subscription.

T-Mobile employees now get a 50% discount for their active lines and the family they have included.

Specifics of what T-mobile is offering to its regular customers according to their press release is below.


Carrier Freedom

o With the Un-contract, T-Mobile is the one signing on the dotted line. Nearly half of consumers and business owners surveyed said they have their rates raised by their wireless carrier. The Un-contract is T-Mobile’s promise that while your rates may go down, they won’t go up. Even promotional plans become permanent.


o Last year, T-Mobile abolished contracts by offering to pay the carriers’ punitive early termination fees with Contract Freedom. As a result, 1.8 million customers have already switched. Now, 29 million wireless customers are stuck in device payment plans or leases and unable to switch. With Carrier Freedom T-Mobile will now cover outstanding phone or tablet payments for those who bought their device on AT&T Next, Verizon Edge or other carrier equipment installment plans (EIPs) or leasing plans.

T-Mobile’s new plans officially begin this April

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