In this day and age while the tradition may be chocolates and roses for the ladies, I know I wouldn’t want any of that and if you are getting something for that guy in your life these are some great ideas to put a smile on that special Valentine in your life. While I do say this is a gift guide of tech for HIM, you can always grab a couple items from the list for HER as well. *wink*

Harmony Ultimate Home

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2015 (4)Harmony has the best remote control in the biz and why it’s the best is you can control just about everything in your home with it. It works via IR, wireless, or Bluetooth signals thanks to the included Home hub. You can control anything from your smart home electronics to your TV, XBOX, PS4, and wireless speakers. Once you have this in your possession you have control of EVERYTHING.

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JBL Cinema Base

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2015 (2)Whether he’s a fan of sports, video games, movies or even music, the Cinema Base by JBL handles all those needs. It has multiple connections in the back, whether you are using HDMI or optical cables. It has Bluetooth built in so you can sync your smartphone to it and jam right on the spot. Also its HARMAN volume helps you don’t have those pesky commercials blaring anymore either.

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Microsoft Wireless Adapter

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2015 (3) If he can’t pull himself away from the laptop or smartphone, you can take the wireless adapter display by Microsoft and project everything on screen. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 with a simple connection of HDMI and then selecting the device. Then voila you can have your whole PC right on your nice colorful screen. It works wonders with the Surface Pro 3.

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Logitech Keys to Go

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2015 (5)If he’s the type to make a mess and always on the go with his iPad then this will work wonders. It’s small enough to find in any bag and maybe even a jacket pocket if possible. Its material uses FabricSkin so it helps spills and dirt from destroying your precious keyboard.

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Valentines Day Gift Guide 2015 (1)Taking his music on the go is easy with the PUNK by SOL REPUBLIC. It lasts about 6+ hours and is shock, water, and dust resistant. So he can take it on whatever adventures that he may venture on and doesn’t have to worry about it getting damaged or soaked in the rain.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2015 (1)A personal favorite is the Galaxy Tab S by Samsung. It can be bought in an 8.4″ or 10.5″ size and is one of the best tablets out there. It has a gorgeous display for watching movies, sports on ESPN or even playing some games. If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone you can leave that on the charger and control it completely from the tablet including taking calls.

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Sony Xperia Z3

Guys love to game and what better to do it on the go then with the Sony Xperia Z3. Beside it having impressive android software, nice 20MP camera and awesome battery life pushing a day plus you can also sync it to your PlayStation 4 and play your favorite games anytime, anywhere via WI-FI.